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Newsletters. Are they really worth all the effort? Part 3

Yeah, I’m really digging in to this subject. This is part three.

Here is the link to part one

And here is the link to part two.

Quick recap:

Hay RidersI joined a massive group of authors in a newsletter subscriber promotion. I gained 65 subscribers on my own before the marketing email went out. Then I gained 200 subscribers during the promotion. Nope, I did not sell any more books during the promotion than I normally would have during a weekend. My big wins were seeing analytics for the first time, and gaining all those subscribers!

Ashes1The second newsletter I sent out was the cover reveal for Ashes in the Sky, which I sent out a full day earlier than release day as a special thanks to my fans who had signed up.

I held my breath, knowing that the letter was not only going out to my 50 Instagram fans, and my 15 previous subscribers, but also to those 200 people who had signed up for the promotion who might not be really interested in me.

I bit my fingernails and held my breath… and then partied when the numbers came in. I had a 57% open rate. (newsletter averages usually sit around 20 percent) I had a 50% click through to Goodreads. (12% is the norm) Wahoo!

And here’s the biggie…

I did not have a single “unsubscribe”.

Rock on! That means that I’d kept all 200 of those people who had subscribed during the sci-fi reader promotion. Awesomeness!

Looking at the numbers, though, I had to smack myself.

What is the first rule of marketing?

Arghhh! Picture

**Make it easy to buy your book.**

I didn’t have a single link in there to buy Fire in the Woods. (Yeah, I’m an idiot)

My next newsletter went out about a month later when I made the announcement that Barnes and Noble had picked up my book for national distribution. This newsletter went out stocked with links to buy Fire in the Woods at every outlet I could think of.

Now, this is important: I didn’t scream “buy my book”. I just left the links at the bottom of the newsletter after the fun and merriment of the announcement.

Were there click throughs?

Yup. Lots. And I also could see where they went. Kobo, Smashwords, B&N, Amazon, and Book Depository. ( was the largest click through, if you were wondering. I have a big international audience)

So, are newsletters worth it?

I’d have to say yes. And they are kind of fun, too.  They are more personal than a blog, and I feel like I can kick back and say what’s going on in my life. And the fun thing is that people signed up and want to see what I have to say. It’s really cool.

Have you tried newsletters yet? Are they working for you?
Oh, umm, in case you were wondering…

PicturePictureClick here to sign up for my Newsletter!

Do you have any more questions about newsletters?  Let me know!


Flames longFlames longFlames longFire in the Woods Cover

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Alien Lineup

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Newsletters. Are they really worth all the effort? Part 2

Click here if you haven’t read part one.

In a nutshell, I paid $10 to enter a huge newsletter promotion. Before the promotion went out I advertised my newsletter for the first time and gained 50 subscribers.  Woo-hoo!

Everyone up to speed?

Great! Let’s continue.

Hundreds of Dollars MoneyI’m not going to go into detail on the particular promotion that went out —

Just know there were a lot of us, and with that $10 entry fee the prizes were pretty attractive.



And the outcome?

PKO_0013466 sadI’m sad to say that I didn’t sell any books. The only books that sold in quantity for anyone involved were the ones in the “free” category.

Lesson learned. People will always go for free.

Why pay $3.00 for a book on sale when there were 25 books for nothing? Makes sense.

So, did I lose my $10.00?  Nope. Not at all.

 Size of a Dollar AI ended up with two very valuable things out of this promotion.

#1: Now that I had a real, live newsletter out there, I could see analytics.

#2: Over the three day promotion, I gained 200 quality newsletter subscribers. (Quality meaning they were already interested in YA science fiction.)

I’ll get to those subscribers in a bit.  First, let’s talk about analytics.

Great Googley Moogley!

Read-hold up PKO_0016876I love to look at numbers, and now I had brand new numbers to play with.

A lot of you have blogs, so you know you can look at your numbers. How many people came to your blog, how many visited which posts, and so on. But my actual readership is a bit of an unknown to me.

I have over 10,000 followers. (Awesome by the way. Thanks.) But a very small percentage of that number actually comes and visits my blog.

There are different ways to follow that cannot be gauged.

You Have Mail ALike email.

I read a lot of blogs in my email, but I never click through unless I want to make a comment. If you are on blogger I won’t even go that far. (It takes too long. Not a fan of blogger and capcha) Anyway … That means that I don’t really know how many people are reading what I put out there.

That’s why the newsletter is cool. It tells you how many people the newsletter went to, how many of those people opened it (and when). And also how many people clicked on the links in the email, and which links they clicked. How cool is that?

It is a really neat way to see what your actual engagement is.

Arghhh… I’m getting to wordy on this. So sorry! I’m going to cut this off here and tell you about the coolest part of all this… What happened when I sent out my first real newsletter two weeks later.

We’ll chat next week!


Flames longFlames longFlames longFire in the Woods Cover

You can find Fire in the Woods at all these awesome bookish places!

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Fire in the Woods is up for an award!

Guess what?

 Fire-in-the-Woods-Cover 3D

Fire in the Woods is up for the TRR Reader’s Choice award!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

We’ve already moved into round two, and we need your vote to move into the next (and final) round which is the judging round.

If anyone would like to help push Fire in the Woods into the final judging round, you can click on this link:

You will need to log in, but you can do this simply by linking up with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or other social medial account with one click of your mouse.

If you are logged in when you visit the site from this link, you can simply hit the “Nominate this book” button, or you can click on the red “Book Voting” button at the top of the page.

Fire in the Woods is in the “Young Adult” category, which is the last category in a very long listing, so you can scroll all the way to the bottom, and then find the book alphabetically under that category. All you need to do is click on “Nominate this book”.

Thanks so much for voting and/or your positive vibes!

You guys totally rock!

You can find Fire in the Woods at all these awesome bookish places!   Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Kobo | Chapters Indigo! | iBooks


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The Big Announcement! Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M. Eaton has been picked up for National Distribution by Barnes and Noble!

Barnes and Noble

Omigosh! Can you believe it? Let’s say it again!

Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M. Eaton has been picked up for National Distribution by Barnes and Noble!


I know! I can’t believe it either!

Cell phone ohA few weeks ago I told you I was sitting in my car, staring at an email, crying. Well, this was the news. PKO_0001147I had to let it sink in. And frankly, I wanted to be absolutely sure before I said anything. I mean, they could still change their minds, right? Well, last week my book started showing up in stores in New York City, and I couldn’t be happier. I found out when a fan sent me this lovely photo.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart to Georgia McBride the Month9Books sales team for pitching my book to the biggest bookseller in the USA! AAAAAAAAA! I still can’t believe it! Wahoooo! I’m so stinking excited I can’t stand it. If you find Fire in the Woods in a store, please send me pictures. I can’t wait to see one in person! cropped-fire-banner-final2.pngcropped-website-1-1-logo.jpg

A tiny fish swimming in a pond filled with dino-sized fish. A recap of BookCon. (With pictures!)

It is almost a week now since BookCon. It seems like a dream. Like it didn’t happen.

I realize most of you probably have not been to BookCon, so let me try to paint a picture. While I expected it to be “big” and I expected there to be lines… Well, let’s just say being prepared, and then actually experiencing it are two very different things.


One of my big take-aways:

The Star Wars Panel - the only one I could get in to

The Star Wars Panel – the only one I could get in to

Reading IS NOT DEAD. And to many people, authors are better than rock stars. Book fans will wait in line for an hour in the morning to get a ticket for the privilege to stand in line again a half hour before an afternoon event, just to hear their favorite author speak.

(This would also entail getting to the venue before it opens, and standing in line to be one of the first people through the door) They will also show up an hour early to get a wrist band or ticket to secure their place in line so their favorite author can sign their books.

And people were signing. And signing. And signing.

"Backstage" during my interview with BookTuber Ginger Reads Lainey

“Backstage” in the press area during my interview with BookTuber Ginger Reads Lainey

It was hard, at times, to walk through the event because everywhere you turned there were lines wrapped around the booths (I didn’t think to take pics of the lines. I wish I did.)


Readers flocking to the Simon and Schuster booth

Booths ranged from the small one-table displays with banners (Where I was) to huge structures that felt like walking into a building all its own, complete with sitting areas inside.

And thousands of readers were in those booths.

It was pretty cool to think that all these people loved books enough that they traveled, some coming from huge distances, and paid $35.00 to get into an event showing books, and only books.

So, how did my signing go?

Being a teeny weeny guppy in a pond filled with gold-plated mackerel, I think I did pretty well. There were some pretty big names signing at the same time I did, but people still came (Thanks!)


There’s Miss Jennifer taking care of the selling. Good thing. I was waaay too nervous

I had the lovely Jennifer Million from Month9Books beside me selling books, and the three outgoing ladies holding up my book and waving people in. (Annie Cosby, Sophie, and Lindsay Leggett: You guys rocked it!)

I met a lot of readers who had contacted me through social media after they read Fire in the Woods. Some came with their books for me to sign, and others picked up second copies so they could have signed ones. I would say that 50% of the books I signed were people who had already heard of Fire in the Woods, and the other 50% were walk-ups.


There’s the Lovely Annie near the back of the line, holding a book in the air and waving people in line. Her shoulders must have been on fire!


When I first got there, the Month9Book Squad plumped down about twenty books in front of me. About 30 minutes into the signing I was down to three books and they re-loaded the table. I’m not sure how many books I signed, but I would guess 30 or so during my 45 minute time slot.

Right before they reloaded the table with books


Not too shabby.

My lines were definitely not starting a traffic jam, but I was pretty stoked when I looked up a few times to see people waiting.

Boocon with fan

This girl was adorable. She came up to the booth while there was no one there, looked at the back cover copy of Fire in the Woods, and asked her dad if she could buy it. I signed her book for her, and about ten minutes later she came running back and asked for a picture. I wish I could remember her name!

Shout out to all the parents dropping money on books for their kids. Kudos to you for supporting a healthy reading habit!

Bookcon5All in all, I’d say it was a great day. I had the opportunity to meet fans, and hopefully introduced the book to new fans.

As a newly published author, I took in the lines waiting for fiction superstars with a sense of awe. I’ve always been motivated and driven, but now … well, now I’m even more so.

Bookcon3Now I’m looking to increasing my catalog and broadening my reach. The only difference between us guppies and the gold-plated mackerel is number of books and numbers of readers.

I already have a very well received book. Now I need to get that book into more hands. How am I going to do that?  Yeah… I’m working on it.


BookCon – The book lover’s event to end all book lover’s events


BookCon. If you haven’t heard of it, take a moment to try and fathom 10,000 people converging on one convention center for two days with the sole purpose of meeting authors, listening to authors speak, and taking in panels on all things related to books.

BookCon Crowd

It’s book mania!

If anyone told me a year ago that I would be signing books at an event this big, I would have laughed uncontrollably. Especially since this time last year I was still querying Fire in the Woods.

Omigosh, I really was still querying! I’m shaking my head. What an insane year this has been!

So, yes, believe it or not, little old me will be there with some of the biggest authors in the world, signing books and meeting fans. (And maybe fangirling a little myself)

Part of me still can’t believe it. It will probably sink in when I get there, complete with a panic attack. Don’t worry, Hubbs is coming with me to give me oxygen.

Soooo, if any of you are coming to New York this weekend, I’d love it if you could stop and say hi! I will be signing FIRE IN THE WOODS at 1:00-1:45 at booth 2579 (The Month9Books booth)


Just got off the phone with @iamgeorgiamcbride discussing BookCon 2015 in New York City. Things are getting really exciting!

A photo posted by Jennifer M. Eaton (@jennifer_m_eaton) on













Gah! So much going on!



Omigosh! I have so much going on I totally forgot to post today!

I’m finishing up second round edits on ASHES IN THE SKY, and writing up a formal outline for book four of FIRE IN THE WOODS to submit to Month9Books.

I should know by June 30th whether or not my publisher wants to pick up a fourth book in the series (She chews her nails)

Some big things are coming up.

Saturday, May 23 at 2:00 at Doylestown Books in Doylestown, PA I am going to be part of a huge YA Fantasy book signing event!

This is going to be the first big event I have had the opportunity to be a part of as a Month9Books author. Doylestown Books is quite a hot spot for authors. They’ve hosted some pretty big names so I’m thrilled to be a part of this event.

So exciting!


And next weekend is something so huge I still can’t quite get my mind around it. I’ll fill you in on that one in a few days.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive writing week!


Finding editing help in unexpected places. AKA: Social Media Rocks!

Last week I faced a little bit of a pickle.

I had a very short (147 word) scene that included a little bit of Spanish, and a line of French.

PKO_0005301I had an A+ in Spanish in high school, but I haven’t practiced in years. I was reasonably certain that I “had it right”, but after seeing quite a few reviews lately where people blasted authors for using non-English languages incorrectly, I was stressing over it.

I don’t have the money to run it by a translator, and everyone I know is in the same boat as me (Rusty high school Spanish)

Sooooo… I thought I’d give something a try.

I took to social media, and asked my fans for help.

I found that having a mostly international fan-base helped in ways I never expected.  Not only do I have a treasure trove of languages following me, they are all fans of my work, and are tickled pink to be the first people to see an excerpt.

I didn’t just get translating advice… I got advice from native speakers, Spanish as a second language, and people from several different Spanish-speaking countries, as well as one of these kids’ parents that provided insight into the way I learned Spanish that didn’t even occur to me.

Yes, I found, I was speaking correctly, but I was speaking TOO CORRECTLY. Book learning, and the real world, are apparently very different.

So, that’s my thought for this week.  When you get your work out there, make friends with your readers. It’s ten tons of fun. And when you need a little help, you might just be surprised at their enthusiasm.

Website thinner top


It’s the cover reveal for ASHES IN THE SKY!

PKO_0007393 Yipee Wahoo Jump Pink RobeWahoo! It’s time to celebrate! Book two of FIRE IN THE WOODS is charging towards the finish line. It’s so exciting when your baby starts taking form and coming to life.

And the first thing that makes it start feeling “real” is when the cover pops up in your email.


Oh! The tingly feels!


Without further ado, please welcome the second gorgeous FIRE IN THE WOODS cover.

Isn’t it stupendous!



From the beginning I asked for a cover that could be “branded” and here we are! There is no denying this is a FIRE IN THE WOODS cover, and I couldn’t be happier.

And (shhhh… don’t tell anyone) but I even wrote a scene to bring the cover to life. It was perfect!

I have to be honest in saying I NEVER expected there to be a second book in the series, but I am so excited there is because I realized that if I really push myself, I can come up with an exciting plotline even when I thought the original story was over. (If that makes any sense)

ASHES IN THE SKY releases wherever books are sold September 1, 2015.

PKO_cheer20007376Can I hear an “Oh Yeah!” ?????