Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Why it worked. (A non-spoiler review)

Having lived through the insanity of the original three Star Wars movies,

and through the unfortunate disappointment of the recent, forgettable “prequel” movies that most Star Wars fans choose to pretend DON’T exist, my husband and I held our breath as our family braved the crowds and a packed theater at 9:00 AM Sunday morning during opening weekend.

After the huge disappointment of the 1999 Phantom Menace movie, we didn’t really expect much from The Force Awakens.

But wow, were we in for a delightful surprise!

The Force Awakens brings back everything that we all loved about Star Wars. Action, adventure, a touch of romance, and believable, not-forced comedy. The Force Awakens is also filled with characters that you can actually care about.

These are the things that were missing in the prequels. I didn’t care what happened to those people, and I didn’t believe that the romantic leads were in love (or ever would have fallen in love in those circumstances) The prequels were also jam packed with ridiculous tries at humor that instead of being funny, ended up annoying.

But let’s get one thing straight: the Force Awakens will leave you laughing just as hard as you will be clinging to your chairs during the action scenes. But the comedy here is not forced.

Things are funny, because life is funny.

Think about Han and Lea in the Millennium Falcon, and the hyper drive doesn’t work while they are trying to run for their lives.

Leia says, “Would it help if I got out and pushed?”

And Han responds, “It might.”

Very funny, and very believable. The Force Awakens is filled with stuff like this.

We are also treated to the same roller coaster ride plot that made the original Star Wars great: the underdogs fighting for what’s right, up against a more powerful enemy that they can’t possibly beat.

You will also see history repeating itself in many ways.

And we loved every minute of it.

I will admit that I was skeptical when I heard Disney now had their hands on the reigns of Star Wars. Now, I can’t help but think The Force Awakens might be the best thing to happen to Star Wars since the franchise exploded into the theaters in 1977.

Well done, Disney. May The Force be with you.

Have you seen The Force Awakens? What did you think?

Being an Author is a Full Time Job

Today I needed to sit back and come to the realization that being an author is a full time job.

When I already have a full time job, and a part time job that becomes a full time job in November and December, I need to take a deep breath and realize that something’s gotta give.

PKO_0010650 pink robe clockIf there are 168 hours in a week and I have three jobs that take 40 hours a week, plus I need to sleep eight hours a day… well, if you do the math, we come up short.

That is why I haven’t been blogging all that much, and while I love popping in and chatting here, I need to be realistic.

Now that I am a published author I have things like editorial deadlines, appearances, and marketing all on top of my daily 500-1000 words a day writing goal. (Plus, of course, the full time job and part time job that pay the bills)


That is an awful lot to keep up on.

PKO_0013466 sadWhen ASHES IN THE SKY was pushed back 6 months, I realized that I wasn’t writing for myself anymore. There are people out there in the world waiting to read my next book, and when it doesn’t make the original pub date, there are a lot more people than just me disappointed. So-even though the ASHES delay was out of my control, I need to make sure I make every deadline to keep my books moving on schedule.

So, as you might have guessed, blogging is one of the things that’s gotta give. But I won’t be abandoning this site. I still love it here. I just can’t commit to a schedule. While I love a challenge, adding another thing on to what I “have to do” would just be insanity.

I will be popping in to provide words of wisdom, or to laugh at my idiocy. Because hey, the therapeutic value of coming here and hanging out totally has its value too. I will try to pop in at least once a week, but if I don’t make it, blame the aliens.

Back to the trenches I go.

Now that ASHES IN THE SKY is complete, I’m working with my editor on book three of Fire in the Woods. (Yes, already. Can you believe it?)

Plus I am plugging away a scene at a time trying to finish book one in my new series.

Yes, writing is a full time job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



This is a great article.

This very thing happened to me just last night when my teenage son asked about the book I wrote and abandoned about three years ago because I realized I wasn’t talented enough to do the story justice.

Listening to him fanboy all over the story, and point out how he thought it was better than the NYT bestseller he just finished (I don’t know about all that) – but anyway, it really got me thinking about that story again, and wondering if I’d learned enough about writing to re-envision that epic tale.

I’m trying NOT to think about it until I get my current WIP done, but the story is very much on my mind again.

Views from a Window Seat

After years of writing without seeing a book land on shelves, I’m happy to have a new book in the world and two others on their way. But I still have work in earlier stages of progress to tend to. I love the generosity of early drafts, how they offer a place where mistakes are welcome. And I like the word-fixing of final drafts, the excitement of seeing a story head to new readers. I recently sent a book to a copy editor after some dwelling on whether it was okay to write “Ho, gluepots,” instead of “Ho, glue pots.” And making sure that the ten children in a family stuck to their proper ages during the narrative’s course of years. But those drafts in between that are good enough to show someone else, but still mistake-ridden? Well. I was just reminded of how fragile those can be.

Last month…

View original post 414 more words

An Author’s Work Is Never Done. No, Seriously… It’s not. You have NO idea.

As I squeezed out the final edits of ASHES IN THE SKY, I was ready to sit back, relax, and coast through the holidays. Wow, was I looking forward to taking a break, relaxing with my family, and maybe even finishing my new book!

But my bubble popped when less than a week after handing in the final copy of ASHES to be sent to the formatter, the developmental edit of Book Three of FIRE IN THE WOODS appeared in my email.


I was floored. The developmental edit is usually the most time consuming, and while it is not as tedious as fine tuning, it will definitely suck up most of your life. And my due date was only forty days away.

Goodbye, Christmas break.

After a discussion with my lead editor, we decided that another month would not hurt the schedule. Where that did not leave me “off the hook”, it did certainly take some of the pressure off. Especially since some of the changes were going to be extensive.

Alien Huh CloseSo I dug in, getting about a quarter of the way into the manuscript… before the final formatting proof of ASHES IN THE SKY came back. [head hits desk]

Yep, it’s a funny business like that.

Subtract one week from that extra month of editing, because I now needed to re-read book 2 word by word to make sure there were no problems.

Thankfully, I have finished that proof as of this post. I’m not sure if I’ll have to look at it again since I did require some changes.

So, for now, I am back to those developmental edits.



If anyone tells you being an author is easy, let me know their name.

I will write their character into a book and Torture them a little.

Hey, it’s the least I can do. {smiles}


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Rekindling your writing mojo after taking an unplanned hiatus

I’m a stickler for goals. I love them.

I love achieving them more.

But sometimes life gets in the way, and goals need to be realigned.

I’m currently 70,000 words into a 50,000 words YA science fiction novel. Yup, that was right – 20,000 words over goal, and I probably need another 15-20,000 to finish.

Think GirlThis was problem #1: I carefully planned out when I needed to finish my novel before my edits came back for ASHES IN THE SKY. Yes, I achieved my 50,000 words on time… but when I got there, my story wasn’t finished. So I kept writing—Even took a writer’s weekend in hopes of finishing the book before I needed to start editing again… but even that only got me smack up against the beginning of the climax, where my main character is staring down at her worst nightmare come true.

A very BAD place to stop writing.

At the most important place in my novel to KEEP WRITING, I was forced to stop for a two-week marathon run of editing, which in of itself would have been fine. But then life problem #2 happened. A huge project at my day job had me working through my precious lunch breaks, and even far into the evenings, leaving my precious characters stagnant, facing horrible trauma and impending doom for an additional two weeks.

An entire month without writing something new

It was a month to the day when I finally got back to my story, and I sighed seeing where I had left my characters. So I did the only thing I really could do.

I opened up to page one, and I did an editing run.




You should always finish your book before editing! Yes, this is true, but after being away for so long, I needed to re-familiarize myself with the characters, the plot, the tone, and the voice (Especially since I had spent a few week’s back in Jess Martinez’s quirky head)

The deep edit on those 70,000 words took about a week, and even then, I found myself at a loss when I came to the end.

Was this book still inside me? With the kind of tension build I created over all those chapters, would I be able to deliver the goods in the climax?

I knew I had to shake it off, but instead, I kept going back to earlier chapters and revising something else.

Then, finally, I got back to the last scene that I’d written a month ago. That first sentence was the hardest sentence that I’ve ever written. It took me about an hour to type 100 words. Horrible.

Welcome back, muse!

But then the magic muse finally took hold. The characters reignited in my brain. I jumped back on the rollercoaster, ready to sprint to the finish line with them.

Yes, I am excited about this story again. I’m excited to get it out in the world.

All I had to do, was force myself through those pesky 100 words to get myself started.

Yup, feels good to be hanging out with imaginary people again.



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Don’t Fear the Reaper. Well, maybe you should @eholloway300 @chapterxchapter

Is there such thing as a “Reaper” genre out there?

Call-Me-Grim-CoverI’m wondering, because last year I read MY SISTER’S REAPER by Dorothy Dreyer, and I also read CALL ME GRIM by Elizabeth Holloway. Both of these books were YA, and they each featured the Grim Reaper, but both in a very different way.

This year I got my greedy little hands on the sequel to CALL ME GRIM. Now, I have to admit, that this is the book that I was reading when I had that impromptu shove from a ghost while staying at Weisel Hostile in Nockamixon State Park.

DeathBecomesMeCoverDEATH BECOMES ME has the creepiest scene in it with a Reaper wearing a little girl’s body chasing people around. CREEPY!

Anyway… Both CALL ME  GRIM and DEATH BECOMES ME have a really unique twist on the whole idea of the Reaper, in that there are more than one, with the Big Bad Main Grim Reaper in charge of them all.

DEATH BECOMES ME picks up where CALL ME GRIM leaves off, and really digs deeper into the lore, and leaves you with a lot of questions, and a really odd feeling… I mean, did she really just send a soul off to … [[*/<>?:+**]]

Call-Me-Grim-CoverGAH! I can’t tell you because it will be a HUGE spoiler, but Wow! Does Elizabeth Holloway have a great (and maybe disturbingly twisted) imagination.

In a way, I felt like this book sewed a lot up for the characters. In some ways, it felt like “The End”, but there is another book coming out that I belive is the last in the series.

DeathBecomesMeCoverThere is still a huge question hanging out there that I, for one, want the answer to.

But maybe I don’t. I have a really bad feeling that a third book might leave me terribly disturbed.

This is a romance, by the way… but it is a romance twisted around the really well thought out, kinds creepy plot with grim reapers and people dying and stuff like that.  Wonderfully imaginative.

Just don’t read in it a 200 year old house in the middle of the woods. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Chapter by Chapter was nice enough to send me a copy of this book to review. So it is all their fault that I am seeing ghosts.

Click here to pick up a copy of CALL ME GRIM or DEATH BECOMES ME


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Check Out – “Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver” by Michele Brouder


Clare Daly

Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver

by Michele Brouder

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance

First of all,

Let’s talk about COVER LOVE!

Yup, love it! What’s there not to like about old books? Certainly drew my eye, as did the idea of a bookish character who wanted to be a librarian (even though her wanting to be a librarian really had nothing to do with the plot, other than a little mention in the beginning)

What’s it about?

The book has this really long synopsis (that I’ll attach at the bottom) but in a nutshell, this girl’s hands start glowing one day, and she finds out she has these magical powers that she is supposed to use to guide “lost” spirits to heaven.

Pretty cool, right?

But of course there is a catch. There is this awesome bad-guy dude (Who I have to admit I liked a little more than the main character) who is after her.

Yup, he wants her dead, and also to steal this super-cool necklace that has been handed down through the generations. There is also an “almost” love triangle with a guy she mainly only talks about, and another angel-like guy who she apparently has known through many past lives.

Still with me? Good!

This story has a really interesting premise. Very strong religious content, and quite a tear-jerker at times. I really liked the whole idea of the story (which I can’t tell you too much more about or it will ruin it)

A few niggles: 

I think at times the story missed the mark in trying to create a love triangle that was emotionally non-existent to the reader, because we never really get to know the human boyfriend.

While the overall premise of who Claire is was quite interesting, I would have loved to see more of the bad guy. I think he is interesting enough to have his own book. I found myself  waiting for him to come back after a long absence to stir things up a bit.

Overall Impression?

Overall I did enjoy this book. I give it a solid three stars for some really interesting religious concepts, and a bang up ending that really kept my attention.

I heard that this book was on sale for $.99 on ebook. But it ends on November 19th. If you are reading this when this post first hits, you might still be able to catch the sale.

Clare DalyClare Daly


Purchase Links:

BAM | Amazon | B&N | TBD




  • One (1) winner will received a $25 Amazon Gift Card, a copy of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver, a book mark, a coffee mug, and some other stuff for ‘readers’ from the author (INT)
  • Three (3) winners will receive a copy of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver by Michele Brouder (INT)


Click here to enter the Rafflecopter!

About Michele Brouder:

I was born in western New York, the oldest of 5. I’ve loved reading since I was very little. From the age of 9, I’ve wanted to be a writer. In high school, I wrote a lot of angst-ridden civil war dramas ala Gone With The Wind, knowing more about the Battle of the Bull Run than a normal teenager should know. I dabbled in writing after that but didn’t get serious about it until 2006, when I decided that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve had many interesting jobs but my passion has always been writing.

I lived in Ireland from 2006-2013 with my husband and 2 boys. We moved back to the US and settled in Florida briefly (2 years) before returning back to Ireland in August 2015.

 Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest


The long book synopsis, in case you were interested:

Clare DalyWhen seventeen year-old librarian wannabe Claire Daly is dragged kicking, screaming and cursing from everything she loves—her mam, her cozy Irish village and the dreamy boy next door—to take up arms in the battle of good versus evil, she learns the hard way that sometimes you don’t get to choose your own destiny, destiny chooses you.

Claire’s life plan is simple: head off to university to get her degree in library studies, summon up the courage to tell her best friend Chas that she loves him and live happily ever after. She never once entertained the idea that she might possess divine powers, that she might be predestined to battle Hell’s demons, or, to complicate matters further, that another love of many lives past might turn up on her doorstep. But life doesn’t always go as planned, and when a co-worker is viciously attacked by a demon and her own family threatened, Claire must face the truth: she is called to a higher purpose and has no choice but to answer. Claire sets aside her dreams and begins learning how to deal with the Unholy once and for all. Armed with only a crash course in soul saving and her wits, she gears up for the ultimate show down in Hell. But will it be enough?

Note: I was send a copy of this beautiful book in exchange for my honest review. Check out my Instagram to see some of the fun pictures I took of the book while reading it.  See ya!

Is Weisel Hostel Haunted? Well, This is what happened. It was a dark and stormy night…

Let me start off here by saying that I while I am a very spiritual person, I’m not really one to believe in ghosts. But a few things have happened to me recently to make me wonder.

Several years ago, I started attending writer’s retreats twice a year. If you haven’t been to one, I highly recommend it (but I did have a bad experience once that you can read about here. Make sure you know what you are getting into).


For a few years now we’ve dumped that cabin atmosphere and moved into a big, really old house. The advertising for Weisel Hostel says it is a hundred years old, but from the architecture and the ruins around it, I’d say it is probably closer to 200 years old.

I think the age is an important detail for what I’m about to discuss.

Now remember — I am not the type of person to scream “ghost”. I’m not even sure I’m screaming “ghost” now. But during my two hour drive home today, I found myself piecing things together.

Let me preface a little of this saying I LOVE shows like Ghost Hunters. I find the whole idea of it all, and the science behind ghost hunting very interesting. Especially when they debunk things and find out it is animals in the attic, or faulty wiring, or some sort of radio waves in the house. I find all that more believable than an actual ghost. Even when they record something and play it back, I rarely can hear what they say is a voice from beyond… so call me a hostile witness, because I don’t believe any of this.

But you be the judge.

The first time I stayed at Weisel Hostile in Quakertown, PA, I slept in the bottom bunk in the women’s dorm between the two windows. Now, You need to understand that this is a house built out of stones and mortar. I an sleeping in a bed pushed up against an outer wall, between two original windows. And it is November.

I woke up in the middle of the night freezing. I mean, not just cold… I mean, run out in the snow with bare feet kind of cold. I thought my feet were going to fall off. I was so cold I couldn’t even move. There were five other women sleeping in that room. No one else was cold, so I figured it was just because I was between the two windows, so the next night I piled on the blankets and was fine.

I remembered that experience, though.

The next time I went, I got there early and scoped out the bed right next to the radiator. I also had an extra blanket to go over my feet, and I had big wooly socks to sleep in.

All was right in the world! Nothing happened at all the second trip.

Fast forward one or two retreats. Again, everything has been fine for at least two trips. Nothing happened. I always have lots of blankets and layer when I go to sleep.

This time I am in the common room. I am busting out my word count like nothing! I am on such a roll that I’m afraid to stop. Slowly but surely, everyone else goes to bed. But there I was, still busting out words at 2:00 in the morning. (I am estimating that time. I know it was really late.)

Anyway… I am working at my laptop, and someone walks into the common room from the hall, past the two easy chairs, plops down on the couch next to the fire, and stares into the glowing embers. I stop typing, and am about to look up and say “You can’t sleep?” and I realize there is NO ONE THERE.

I stared at the empty couch.

After a minute, I decided I must be more tired than I thought. I packed up my computer and went to bed, saying “goodnight” to the empty seat by the fire, just in case, but laughing all the way up the stairs.

I really didn’t think too much about this. The whole thing just turned into a funny story I would tell the group now and again. Because, seriously, I know I was just really tired and seeing things.

But after this weekend, I am seriously wondering.

This is what happened:

I got to the hostile early and scope out my bed by the radiator (This has been “my spot” since the one freezing night)

The hostile is strangely warm. The fireplace is broken, so they must have had the heat pumping like crazy. It was almost hot when I went to bed. Remembering how cold it can get, I still wore pants, shirt, and socks to bed, but I didn’t bother with the extra blanket on my feet, because the heater was making the bed a toasty paradise. So, off I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I woke up FREEZING. Had someone turned off the radiator? I reached over and touched it. Nope. Still warm. So why was I so cold? My feet actually hurt. I thought about my fuzzy jacket laying across the top bunk, but I couldn’t get myself to move enough to go get it. You know how it is… tired and all… so I just braved it out and eventually went back to sleep.

That brings us to last night.

Now… No one is allowed to say I’m crazy. Ya hear? Because I am sure there is a logical explanation for what happened to me that has nothing to do with freak temperatures, or vision problems.

This is what happened…

I go to bed, and since it is so freakishly dark in the middle of the woods, I leave the light on in the hallway (probably mistake number one)

I then hung my laptop bag off the top bunk at the foot of my bed (mistake #2)

I remembered the freak cold in the middle of the night, so I grab an extra blanket and put it over where my feet will be. Despite the temperature being fine, I wear my sweats, two shirts, socks, and also my fuzzy jacket to bed. Hey, I was ready this time!

So, ready for a night in the arctic, I eased down into my bunk and cuddled in with my kindle.

Now, I have to admit mistake #3.

I was reading Death Becomes Me by Elizabeth Holloway… and the freaking GRIM REAPER is chasing the main characters, and there is this little girl with no eyes… so I am probably in a bad frame of mind to be sleeping in a somewhat unfamiliar place.

Anyway, as I’m reading, I see a shadow at the base of my bed. I stop and look, but the shadow is gone. I laugh at myself, because I know it’s the laptop bag.

Suddenly I realize my feet hurt. They’re cold? I’ve only been here for a few minutes. I check the radiator. It’s cuddly warm. I guess there is a draft from the window again. I go back to my reading. The shadow pops up again.

Why the heck did I hang my laptop there? I totally know that is what I keep seeing.

I thought of getting up and turning out the light in the hall, but then if I had to go to the little girl’s room in the middle of the night, I’d probably kill myself. So I left it on.

Three more shadow sightings, but I just ignored it. It was my imagination. I knew it was. I am, after all a logical, adult. I’m not afraid of things that go bump in the night.

The funny thing was that I really wasn’t scared. I never thought ghost. Not even for a second.

When I turned my Kindle off, and laid my head down to sleep, I didn’t even check the foot of my bed. I never even thought of looking under it.

I’m serious… I was not thinking supernatural, paranormal, or ANYTHING like that. I just closed the scary book that I was reading, cuddled into my pillow, and closed my eyes.

Now, I want to say I only closed my eyes for a second. I’m willing to say it was longer than that. I want to believe I fell asleep. In a way, I do believe I fell asleep. I just would be lying if I did not say that I don’t THINK I fell asleep.

I THINK I had only closed my eyes for a second.

Now remember … I am not a nut case.

Someone tried to push me out of the bed.

Yes. Physical. A push. I moved. Someone pushed me.

I gasped out loud and my eyes popped open to see who it was, and I was facing the wall. Only about six inches between my body and a few feet of two hundred year old stone and mortar.

I looked toward the center of the room, expecting there to be someone there, messing with me.

The room was empty, except for my roommate at the far side of the room, sleeping soundly.

Being a logical person, I decided I must have fallen asleep for a fraction of a second. Strange, though, that I have never had that kind of experience (being “pushed” awake) anywhere else. I did, right then, at least consider the possibility of a ghost. Especially since I was freezing.

Was I afraid? Oddly enough, no. I’d slept in that very bed at least six times. Nothing had ever happened. If it was a ghost, they were probably just messing with me. After all, I sleep in that bed twice a year. Maybe they feel like the know me?

I remembered a ghost show that I watched once where a woman said the ghost in her house would hide her keys, but return them if she asked. So I cuddled back to my pillow, closed my eyes, and said aloud, “I’m really tired. Please let me go to sleep.”

And that was it.

Except one more strange thing. I don’t know how long that I did sleep, but I woke up later really hot. I had to take my jacket off.

So, there you have it. That’s my story.

When I told my roommate the next day. You should have seen the look on her face. “Weren’t you scared?”

And honestly, I really wasn’t. I never felt threatened.

Will I sleep in that bed again?


The more I think about it, I definitely will. If there is something there, it left me alone when I asked it to. If there is something there, I don’t think it is anything to be afraid of.

For the record, I really do think I was just punchy when I saw the person by the fireplace.

And I really do believe I fell asleep for a fraction of a second, and dreamed that someone pushed me.

Other than the house being old and drafty, I don’t know how to explain the off and on freezing cold (that no one else seems to experience.)

Funny. I just laughed at myself for even typing all this out, when it is late and I need to go to work tomorrow… But I find this fascinating.

So, go ahead and make fun of me in the comments. I’m making fun of myself.

I still don’t really know if I believe in ghosts. But I might give him/her a gender-neutral name and make sure I say “goodnight” next time so I don’t get a shove for ignoring him.

Have you ever experienced anything strange like this?




Exciting News! And Also “Oops! I’m sorry!”

Woohoo! Guess what?

I just submitted the final version of ASHES IN THE SKY to my publisher. Whew!

This one has been a long time coming, and I’m sorry for everyone who has been waiting patiently. Publishing is a funny business. Releases dates change all the time.

The next step? Formatting for Ebook and Print. Awesomeness!

That leaves me free and clear for my writer’s retreat this weekend. Three whole days of writing in a cabin in the woods with a bunch of Nano-ers.

I’m hoping to make a huge dent (maybe even finish) the first book in my new series. I’m super excited!

This is where the “I’m sorry” comes in.

I have to admit… Things have been crazy over the last few weeks, and I dropped the ball on something.

DeathBecomesMeCoverI agreed to read and review “Death Becomes Me” by Elizabeth Holloway, and in all the mayhem, I wrote down the wrong date.

I was supposed to post my review today, but I haven’t even finished the book yet!

[She hangs her head in shame]

But I will say that I am totally enjoying it so far! This is book two in the series, and so far I think I may be enjoying it even more than the first one.

Call-Me-Grim-CoverHave you read Call Me Grim? This is a “Reaper” romance.

Yes, you heard me right. It is such an original theme, and I’ve never heard anything like it.

I’ll follow up with a full review as soon as I finish.

Until next time… wish me luck on my writer’s retreat. Woohoo!

Jennifer Eaton paper-JPG

Where have I been? I’ve been editing! No Nano for me, again this year.

Lady Waves HiYes, I’ve been lax on the old blogging front.  So sorry.

But I figured I’d stop in real fast to say “Hi!”


(Waving madly)

Swish thin

I’ve been working really hard to finish book one in my new series (which I hope to finish on a writer’s retreat coming up really soon.)

Ashes1But currently, and maybe even more exciting, is that I’m in the middle of the final proofread for ASHES IN THE SKY.


After this the book will go to formatting, and then it’s one more check in epub, pdf, and mobi format, as well as a check on the print proofs.

Once that is done we are good to go.

So, that’s where I’ve been… working hard to get some more stuff out there for you guys to read. I’ll keep you posted as news pops up.


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