Go Littlest Dude! Dealing with a child with behavioral issues: the Total Transformation #8

First of all, I posted something last Wednesday.  If you missed the miracle, please go back and read it.

Before starting lesson five, I need to tell you something. Last week’s miracle was just the beginning. On Friday, my youngest came home with his test scores… 87%, 100%, and 105% (nailed that extra credit question)   Way to go littlest Dude!

There was also a note from the teacher about how horrendous the class was all week.  I flipped over the “Weekly behavior score” sheet, and saw that for the last few weeks he’d received a “1” meaning perfect (where he’d scored in the “bad” 2’s and 3’s normally.)  I asked him if there was trouble in class, and he said, “Yes, everyone was bad but me. I’m a good boy now.”


I contacted the teacher, who confirmed that he was quiet and polite the entire week while the rest of the class acted inappropriately.  Go Littlest Dude again!

Every day this week, I came home to a quiet house.  My children all came and hugged me at the door, and my husband was smiling.  No chaos. No screaming. (For the most part) Is this what a normal house is like?  I’m not sure, but I like it.

My son’s most common sayings this week:  “Excuse me Mommy”; “Please, Mommy”; and “Yes, Mommy.”  (Wow)

I think now is the most critical time.  It feels like we have our life back, but once in a while I feel a slight push from my littlest (I’m sure he doesn’t even realize that he is doing it) but he is trying to re-gain control. (Like trying to negotiate that bed time again.) I need to be resolved.  So does my husband.  We need to be careful not to slip back into our old back habits just because things are getting better.

I’m also finding it a little hard to get my husband to sit down and listen to the CDs for an hour a week.  I use the “10 tips” on him:  “I’m sorry you’re tired, but this is the time we agreed to listen to the Total Transformation.”  His eyes narrow.  He knows I’m right.  I’m inclined to stop as well, but we need to finish the program.  It’s working, and I want to know everything I need to know to keep it going in the right direction.

Lesson Five: Understanding Faulty Thinking

This lesson is all about how pre-conceived notions and reactions by both the parent and child can undermine everything that you do.  Faulty thinking is when we “decide” our kids have done something wrong before we have all the facts.  This is one of those annoying lessons that let you know you are doing something wrong, but don’t really tell you what to do about it.  The “Homework” is to make notes of times when we see faulty thinking.  I guess the idea is that recognizing it will keep you from doing it.

Onward and Upward.

swish swivel squiggle

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15 responses to “Go Littlest Dude! Dealing with a child with behavioral issues: the Total Transformation #8

  1. Julie Catherine

    I’m absolutely thrilled to hear this – congrats to littlest Dude AND to you, your hubby and the whole gang! It’s so easy to slack off when things are going well – and I’m glad to hear you intend to see the entire program through to completion … even if you have to remind hubby of the possible ramifications of not doing that. Doing the Snoopy dance on the inside for you! ~ Julie 🙂 xox

  2. This is fantastic news! I am so glad to see things are working out so well for you! Although it’s hard, you’re doing the right thing by seeing the program through to its completion so you will all see the best results and not slip back into bad habits. Congratulations to you and the Littlest Dude. You’re all awesome! 🙂

  3. Little Dude rocks!!! I’ve meant to send you something in the mail, but life has been sooo hectic I never make it to the post office before it closes *slaps hand–bad friend* But now I’m not even sure you’d need it. I’m sooo happy–I hope hubby keeps listening with you. I’ve read all the parenting books over the years and have to give my hubs the cliff note version, but it’s not the same. So often he totally ruins what I’m trying to do. I love him, but ugh! Anyway, tell Little Dude to keep up the great work:-)

  4. This is so great, and you should direct the distributors of the program to your blog here, they couldn’t wish for better advertising!

  5. Littlest Dude, you rock 🙂

  6. W–O–W! I’m pleased to hear life is giving you all a breather. The little guy seems to be getting it too. Wish you well.

  7. Awesome sauce! 😀

  8. This is so interesting. I was really curious long ago when I first started hearing about this program, even though I don’t have kids. You’re making me consider buying it for the Egyptian widow next door with the out of control kids, and maybe for myself to deal with my coworkers. Worth a try…

  9. Better and better!

  10. this is wonderful news to hear. I’m so proud of little dude. If only I’d known about this 15 years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have the problems I do now with my 21 year old.

  11. Loved the bit about having to work on the hubbs too! … congratulations to your whole family … enjoy the moment!

  12. Wow! This is nothing short of miraculous! Your house is quieter than mine right now, and you’ve got two more kids than i do. :o) Congratulations! i had to smile when you mentioned using the program on your husband. I think we all need to be reminded of “the program” occasionally to keep us on the right path. This whole transformation needs to be put in perspective. You can refer to your first post to remind yourself of just how bad it was–and have your husband read it, too. Maybe that will give you the resolve to see this through. I’m so glad that there is peace in your house. Sleep well. :o)

  13. Wow…amazing progress Jenn! Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂