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jennifer-eaton-portrait-1-img_4000 Jennifer M. Eaton hails from the eastern shore of the North American Continent on planet Earth. Yes, regrettably, she is human, but please don’t hold that against her.

While not traipsing through the galaxy looking for specimens for her space moth collection, she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband and three energetic offspring. (And a poodle who runs the spaceport when she’s not around.)

During infrequent excursions to her home planet of Earth, Jennifer enjoys long hikes in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and snuggling up by the fire with a great book; but great adventures are always a short shuttle ride away.

Who knows where we’ll end up next?



A little about me:

I’m a goof. Seriously. I am.

I have been writing ever since the bug hit me in high school, when for some demented reason I decided to write a story for my friends.  I ended up writing one chapter a night (under high peer pressure) and 400 or so (single spaced–OUCH) pages later, I had my first novel.


Now, I would never let ANYONE read Common Currency today.  (That is what that first novel is called) But I am incredibly proud of it, because I actually did it.  And, considering… it was pretty good.  I even got kudos from the three teachers that I asked to read it.

Bookcon4Well, several novels later, I have decided to actually try to get something published.  To me, writing has been more of a pleasure sport.  I really enjoy the process, and the creation of a new world.  Entering the world of publishing, though, just seemed like too much work. (And I was right, it is)

But I’ve found that the creation of a story is not a solitary effort. The wonderful authors who I’ve met and learned from along the way have mentored me into the writer I am today. They are the kinds of friends that you hold onto for a lifetime.

To all of them, I will forever be grateful.


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  2. Hi Jennifer, I am a new member of SJWG. Nice to meet you!


  4. What an excellent introduction my friend,
    your Space looks very inviting with lots of
    useful tips and encouraging thoughts, so
    much so that I shall return soon to explore
    this delightful environment and ponder the
    wonders of writing in all of its guises 🙂

    Have a very nice
    rest of Wednesday 🙂


  5. I love a good rant, this blog is booming with excitement, I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for finding me, as well. As I read this comment, it looks like one of those spam comments, but I’m actually sincere!

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  7. Jennifer, I want to let you know that I’m nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award. The details are in my post at http://wp.me/25uuH Thanks for your support, and I look forward to your future blogs.

  8. gedwardsmith

    I’ve been nominated for the ‘Liebster Award’ and wish to nominate your blog as one of my eleven nominees. Why? Because I find your words fascinating day-after-day. If this string of people nominating awards gets at least one more person to your blog I’ll consider it a success.

    Here are the rules:


  9. Christina Channelle

    Hi Jennifer,
    I hope it’s okay but I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Here’s my link for more info 🙂 http://wp.me/p31bhm-76


  10. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Now I’ll take a stroll through your site.

  11. Jennifer, your blog is inspirational to many writers, readers and beyond. I nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. http://rebeccatdickinson.com/2013/03/04/when-you-are-recognized/

  12. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I’ve been rooting around your site here and it’s quite nice and interesting. I’ll be back to see you soon.

  13. Rich directed me here. Look forward to what you have to offer ma’am.

  14. Hi Jennifer, I’ve awarded you the Booker Award. Pop over to my blog to pick it up. http://www.mandyevebarnett.com

  15. Thanks for the follow, and I love your website! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  16. A worthy cause for a blog! Very well written (as it should be, since you are helping writers) ! 🙂

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  18. Hi there, Jennifer! I’ve nominated you for Blog of the Year 2012. Go here to find out more… http://richardleonard.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/blog-of-the-year-award-2012/
    Have a great week! 🙂

  19. Hi Jennifer.
    I thought I’d pop on over to see who left me such an encouraging comment on my blog. And lo and behold, I discover another wacky gal–that would be you–who has a sense of humor!
    I’m nosy by nature…so how did you find my blog? Care to reveal your secret! 🙂

  20. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s a good way to show your followers blogs you find inspiring, and to have other people’s followers find you. If you don’t have time or want to accept the award, no worries. If you want accept, read this for the award rules:
    Have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful writing experience!

  21. Hi – I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Hooray! Pop over to see me http://patwoodblogging.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/i-am-so-spoiled-another-award/ and take a look! – Pat

  22. Hi Jennifer, thanks for visiting my blog and for following. You’ve got a lot going on over here – many tips for new writers and great related articles as well.

  23. Anna Scott Graham

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for following my blog; hope you enjoy the posts!

  24. Thanks for following my blog Jennifer! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours 🙂

  25. Thanks for the follow over on my blog. I really do look forward to reading through yours. Looks like you’ve got some great things here.

  26. Thank you for being my first follower…what an unexpected and lovely surprise! I’m so thrilled for your success,

  27. Lovely blog. Great writing as well as visual appeal. Thanks for the follow. Shall be back fro more.

  28. Thank you for visiting and following. It sounds like we have a lot in common and it’s always good to meet a fellow lover of writing.

  29. Jennifer,
    How does one become a “beta?”

    Thank you-

  30. HI Jennifer! Love the blog, what a great idea (write a story), I been reading some they are great!

  31. You are gorgeous. Why hide. I’m pleased to meet you and love reading all your posts. Keep up the fabulous and tireless work.

  32. Good for you, Jennifer! No more hiding now. I used to do this too, until like you, I discovered people want to see me. ??? Love the funny bio part! (I could use a Beta reader right now.)

  33. You look lovely! Why did you hide behind that book for so long?

  34. You look great, hon. I’ll wave as you pass by me in blog hits, followers, stalkers and the like. I’ll be able to say I knew her when. Onward and upward. Soar like an eagle. Great things are waiting for you.

  35. Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate your support and will enjoy knowing you better! I did note the front article. Thank you, for the “note/suggestion”. I have happily subscribed to your fascinating blog as well! ~Linda

  36. Hi there
    Thanks for visiting and following.
    Had a quick look round here, super stuff.
    Will be back for more later.
    I have signed up for Write a story with me, so I guess anything can happen now …….

  37. Hello, thank you for following me, I’m off to read your prodigious works! What I’ve read so far is pretty damn good!

  38. thanks for the like and follow of my blog and i’m now following you. though i’ve never written a novel when i was young, but i’ve done the same thing with my poetics and having those read my stuff that i know. i certainly see that you have a high charged enthusiasm for the word. i’m certainly in that mode too. our one common goal is to work the dream:)

  39. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    Thanks for joining ‘bildebok’ as my latest follower! I’m looking forward to reading more about your Rants!

  40. Thanks for following my blog, Jennifer. I love your bio. I wrote stories as a teen for my friends, too. Nothing substantial or quality enough to show to any teachers though! Yours must have had some merit if you were able to do that, lol.

    Wishing you continued luck and success in your writing endeavors.

  41. Thanks so much for the ‘follow’ Jennifer. I can see I will have hours of fun and instructive reading over here at your place!

  42. Thanks for stopping by and following me! I’m looking forward to learning form your “mistakes”. Thank you!

  43. I love your blog. Thanks for following me. ’I’m finally on Facebook, the demon of social media. I’m sitting alone here in my tiny dark corner of Facebook waiting for your visit. Please come and see my new Facebook page and for heaven sakes…Like me!!

  44. Jennifer, thank you for the recent follow! I look forward to reading more from you! You are full of information I know many writers appreciate!

  45. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the follow. I hope I can make it worth your while. 🙂 I’m following you too as you seem to have lots of great tips! Good luck with executing that marketing plan!

  46. Thank you for the follow!

  47. I can see you already have it, but I think you deserve another: http://ohmymuse.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/the-illuminating-blogger-award/
    Thanks for the great posts!

  48. Sounds like you are a very busy writer. I just caught your sign out of the corner of my eye, Goals? WHo needs stinking goals? Thanks for making me smile. So cute all the ladies on the bottom how fun.

  49. Thanks for liking my finished project post. What is your anthology about?

  50. Jennifer, I wanted to yet you know I’ve nominated you for the “Illuminating Blogger Award” http://laith.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/wow-i-got-nominated-for-the-illuminating-blogger-award/

    More info about the award: http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/

  51. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the follow! Your blog looks entertaining and fun… There’s a lot to rant about about writing.

  52. Hi, Jennifer! Welcome to the DiabeticRedemption.com family of readers. I’m glad you’ve joined us. If you’d like, please find my Friends Page, and tell me and my readers a little about yourself and your blog, and please be sure to add the URL. Again, welcome! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  53. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following my blog and after looking at yours, I’m hooked! What a positive and inspiring place to visit and I will be visiting often!

  54. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following my blog!
    I wanted to be a writer when I was younger, and though my career is going in a different direction now, I still feel like that part of me wants to come out and create something wonderful. I love that your blog isn’t jsut about you, but about inspiring others to follow their dreams. I can’t wait to read more!

  55. Hi Jennifer, I greatly enjoy following your blog, and I’ve tagged you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! 🙂 http://wp.me/p1HzVM-nQ

  56. Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad we ‘bumped into each other’ on Be Not Afeard! Thanks for visiting my blog and following, and I’m right back with you here. Love your theme and your design and your thoughts on that important species of friends, the beta readers! I look forward to following your journey and reading your blog posts… Rock on!

  57. I loved your blog…..especially your interpretation of hell. Lol…I also loved your son’s review…he looks just like you. Keep Writing!!! We all enjoy it.

  58. I wandered over here to see what you are all about and I like what I see!

  59. I know what you mean about Beta Readers. Writing is a lonely occupation, and having that feedback is gold. Looking forward to reading your first chapter. Keep writing and keep dreaming writing! You don’t choose it – it chooses you! Much love xx

  60. Thanks for subscribing to my site. Hope you find something readable there. 😉

  61. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for visiting my site and for the follow. You have an interesting place here. I’ll be back to read more.

  62. fivereflections

    nice to meet you – glad you have the bug…

    David in Maine USA

  63. Hi, Jennifer,
    Thank you for visiting my site and deciding to follow. I look forward to exploring your world.

  64. “Hope is an expectant desire; a confidence in a future event; a ground for trust and confidence; to think; to look forward to with trust and expectant desire.”

    hugz fulla hope for you along with my gratitude for joining my blog family. welcome!

  65. Hi, Jennifer. Nice-looking blog you have here. Thanks for following mine. I’ve returned the favor and look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  66. Hello Jennifer! Thanks for the comment over on my blog! Good luck with ROW80 this round.

  67. Hello Jennifer! Thanks for the comment over on my blog!

  68. Hi Jennifer, just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Here’s the info: http://postcardfiction.com/2012/03/29/people-are-actually-reading-my-blog/
    Keep blogging!

  69. Thank you so much for following my blog! I truly appreciate it! 😀

  70. Hello Jennifer 🙂 I have nominated you for the 7 x 7 Link Award. I’ve enjoyed snooping around your blog and reading your posts. 🙂 it’s a pleasure to nominate you and share your work!

    For details of the award and the rules of accepting please visit:

    I hope you accept the award in the spirit it is awarded (there’s no time limit :P). Keep up the great blogging! 🙂

    ~Connie Chyle~

  71. What a cutie you are! Judging by your wrinkleless picture, you found your writing voice a lot sooner than me. =)

    Great site, love the enthusiasm, advice, and positive vibes.

    Keep it coming Jennifer!

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  73. In order to thank you for all you do, I’m awarding you the Liebster Blog Award. 🙂


    Hugs. I couldn’t have come this far without your help. I owe you so much.

  74. Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for following my blog Postcard Fiction. I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog (love your blog “voice”) and am now following you too.

  75. Hello, I have nominated you for the 7 x 7 Link Award! As I’ve said before, I like to share blogs with others who might not have found them yet. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can find the details at http://jmmcdowell.com/2012/02/02/versatile-sunshine-7-x-7/

    Have a great day!

  76. Thank you for following my blog! I have only had my toes in the blogging world water, but I am looking forward to a long swim……..maybe, I hope. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  77. Hello! Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can find the easy terms for this one at http://jmmcdowell.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/one-lovely-blog-award/

    I enjoy your blog!

  78. Julie Catherine

    Jennifer, thank you, both for the ping, and for following my blog – I’m eager to read your works. ~ Julie 🙂

  79. Thanks for following me, You have a nice blog I will be reading yours anyway tahnks again 🙂

  80. Hi Jennifer, I’ve really enjoyed reading your “About” page, beta readers huh? What a serendipity 🙂 I’m planning to look at this topic in an upcoming post myself. Cool blog and ‘write’ up my alley. Just had to follow for all the excellent tips!

  81. Thanks for following my blog, Jennifer. Your blog is great! I’m following you now, too. Now I’m off to read the first chapter of HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

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