Dealing with a Child with Behavioral Issues


Gosh, it was such a nightmare.  I learned to just ignore the evil stares in public. Hubbs just couldn’t.  He felt every eye on him like the fingers of death.

Anyway.  I have a good boy now.  Well, most of the time anyway.

If you have a child with behavioral issues.  Please, for your sake, your family, and your child… GET HELP.  You don’t need to suffer.  We suffered far too long.

Below are a series of posts I wrote going through the Total Transformation Program.  Now, I am not affiliated with these people.  There are other programs out there.  Choose the one that seems to be the best for you and your child.  This is just one program of many out there.

The important thing is you do SOMETHING to take your life back.

Our Journey, one post at a time:

Week One post #1 – Sometimes, the biggest step is admitting you need help.

Week Two Post #2 and Post #3 “I hate you” and “I cannot parent him the way I parented the other two”

Week Three Post #4 – It’s not my fault, it’s yours

Week Four Post #5 – Finally a list of things we can try!

Week Five  Post #6 – Behavioral Management

Week Five Post #7  – A Miracle

 Post 8 – Go Littlest Dude!

 Post #9 (The downturn) – The inevitable downturn (Ugh)

Post #10 – The Struggle Continues – Putting the plans into action

Post 11 – The Dreaded Parent-Teacher Conference

Post 12 – Success away from home. Yay!

Post 13 – Ups and Downs

Post 14 – Canceling the parental hotline, and a mixed week

Post 15–  A big scare – back to the drawing board

Post 16 – Success!

Post 17 – Closing Notes and Final Comments

Post 18 – Update, One year after the program

Please join in the fun!

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