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A surprise new release!

You Guyyyssszzzzz!

I have a surprise new release for you!

And, yes, this will be a surprise for most of you.

But first, an update.

And now, for the surprise new release!

Today marks the debut of my adult romance pen name, Mia Nombre.

Now, there is a little story behind this….

Last year, a friend and I were discussing adult alien romance, and during the conversation she said that I should write an alien romance of my own. I laughed it off at first, but by the end of the conversation, she’d given me the dreaded “Triple Dog Dare” to write one. And, as everyone knows, you cannot say no to a triple dog dare!

So, I took a short two week break from my normal schedule and busted one out, laughing my way through the entire thing. (I have to admit, it was very fun to write).

When I was done, I sent it to a professional adult romance writer to get her opinion, and she was wildly excited about it, and prompted me to send it to publishers.

Less than a year later, here we are, with the debut of my new pen name, and my adult alien romance Bred to Order.

If you are a fan of science fiction romance that is **HEAVY ON THE ADULT CONTENT**, I hope you give Bred to order a try. It’s written in the same style as my general audience stuff, but with no closed doors. Snort… insert laugh and blush here. Ha!!!


Caroline vanishes without a trace every few years, and no one knows why.

This time, Caroline promises herself she will remember. When she wakes up in outer space, though, she’s thrown into a world where she’s a piece of property—a bred-to-order concubine to an alien scientist.

Dae is dedicated to saving lives, but time in deep space is lonely. Enter, Caroline. Yes, he’d created her to his specifications, and arranged for her to be delivered to him every few years; but he loved her from the day they first met. She loves him, too, but for some reason she has no recollection of him or the time they’d spent together.

He can sence her growing warmth as her memories slowly return, but she is unable to accept that he technically owns her. She’ll come around, eventually, so they strike a bargain. If she is still unhappy in two weeks, he will set her free. Caroline clings to this hope, despite her growing attraction to this man she can barely remember. Dae will do anything in his power to convince her to stay, though. Forever, if he has his way.

Available now on

To find out more about Mia Nombre visit my new website

For the rest of you, sit tight!

My new dragon novel and my fantasy series Whispers of Sorcery are coming soon!

Catch ya later! Jennifer M. Eaton and (And Mia Nombre)