Bred to Order



Note: This is a VERY adult themed book. I wrote this on a dare from a friend as we discussed the types of adult alien abduction romance available on the market. This is NOT meant for younger readers. Adults only please, and please, only pick this up if you enjoy heavier hard-core open door romance. I wrote this under a pen name for a reason. It was fun to write, but not my normal clean fun.


I’m super excited that  BRED TO ORDER  is an Editor’s pick!


She wants freedom, but Caroline’s chemistry with her alien captor is more than she can resist.

Caroline vanishes every few years. Two weeks later, she wakes up in her own bed, oblivious to where she’s been, but plagued by dreams of a man with huge, kind eyes.

Repairing air domes saves lives. It’s a hero’s job, but a lonely one. So Dae purchased smart, beautiful Caroline as his personal companion. Every few years he retrieves her for a much-needed sabbatical, then safely sends her back home. When Dae collects her this time, though, her memory doesn’t return, and she cannot accept that he technically owns her.

She’s drawn to him in every way, but Caroline simply can’t be someone’s property. She wants a choice, so Dae gives her one: spend two weeks with him, and if she still feels owned, he’ll set her free.

Bound by convention, consumed with desire—will love, or reason, prevail?

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