Last Winter Red

Part of the Make Believe

Available from J.Taylor

The city Terra rises up from the devastation of nuclear holocaust.

The government controls what’s left of the population by color-coding
the people by duty class, and warning them not to leave the confines of
the city’s disease-free boundaries.

Emily’s life is planned for her. Every step.

As a Red she is expected to marry and bear children, nothing more. But  her life is sent into a tailspin when the man chosen for her dies suddenly.

In need of a new husband, Emily dares to venture into The Outside.

Emily’s once perfectly predictable life is now her biggest unknown.  Decisions loom before her that will change everything.

After seeing The Outside, Emily realizes that sometimes you
need to question what you want, and what you believe, because…


7 responses to “Last Winter Red

  1. Heather Tiger

    Very intriquing blurp and the picture is stunning. Best of luck!

  2. I love it! Great job, Jennifer.

  3. Nice job all round. I hope the query goes well for you.

  4. Wow, u got skilz girl:) Very nice!!

  5. Great blurb and I love the pop of red against the snow.

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