Optimal Red

Optimal Red1Optimal Red

Genre: New Adult Dystopian

A full-length prequel to Last Winter Red



There is no such thing as love.

On their seventeenth birthday, genetically modified Reds in the city of Terra are introduced to their mates, married, and expected to give birth within ten months.

Henry looks forward to his pairing day until blood tests label him genetically perfect. Deemed the optimal mate, Henry is stripped of his rights, taken prisoner, and forced to stud; never to know his mates or the hundreds of children he will father.

Geneticist Julie is horrified by the government’s disregard for her patient’s rights. When sweet, handsome Henry is placed in shackles, she will risk her career and her life to free him. But when Henry insists on taking his first assigned mate with them, her hopes of winning his heart are shattered.

Cornered at the base of the city, they flee Terra’s boundaries, facing dangers they’d only learned about in history books.

Status: Finalizing Manuscript


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