What the heck is crowdfunding, and how can authors use it to fund their books?


I’ve heard of it, but I never really “got it.” I mean, asking for people for money BEFORE you write your book? Is that just plain weird, or is it revolutionary?

Today I asked author/publisher Danielle Ackley-McPhail to stop by and explain all this insanity.

Danielle has successfully crowdfunded several books. Let’s see how this stuff works.

Here’s Danielle!
Swish thin
Not everyone gets crowdfunding. A lot of people do it, for various reasons, but the general public doesn’t have a concept of what goes into such a campaign or what motivates one.

Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon, to name a few, are all platforms where individuals can learn about projects that meet their interests. Based on how well the creator has done their job, those individuals then decide if the project is one they want to support.

A lot of work goes in to a successful campaigns, from designing them, to explaining what they are about, to organizing the rewards backers can expect for their pledge and as bonuses when the goal is exceeded, and above all, promoting them. It is a long, exhaustive process that begins with an idea and is not done until all commitments have been met.

eSpec BooksFor me, I use crowdfunding to finance my efforts as a publisher. I have run seven successful campaigns as both myself and eSpec Books and am soon to wrap up an eighth. I have chosen crowdfunding as a part of my business model because I have been in the publishing industry for over twenty years as an employee and as an author. Over those years I have seen most of the pitfalls independent publishers get themselves into. Hundreds of Dollars MoneyThe primary one being that they tend to overextend themselves. They start with a certain amount of capital (or credit) and race to see how many books they can get out (one of them, with hope, a runaway hit) before those funds are gone. For a while they do okay, but a few bad book choices or slow selling months, perhaps paired with heavy returns, and suddenly the publisher finds he doesn’t have the money he needs to sustain the rapid growth and pay the authors.
I don’t want to be that publisher. For this reason I steadfastly refused for the longest time even considering to be a publisher.
Then crowdfunding happened.
All of a sudden I saw a way to make books possible. See, for a publisher (or an independent author), crowdfunding is basically a way to pre-sell a book. It is also a way to build an audience and increase visibility. Some use it as a way to fund their creative efforts, but I would recommend against this. There are too many complications in promising something that does not exist yet, after all…life does have a habit of getting in the way when you least expect it.

By using crowdfunding as a part of the eSpec Books business model I ensure my projects are in the black from the get-go, instead of needing to earn back their production costs before making a profit. I also ensure I have the funding to pay professionals to do any of the work I am not capable of doing myself. Lastly, by Size of a Dollar Areserving half of the money received in a separate royalty account, I ensure I have the money set aside to pay the authors what they are due. Our growth is slow, but steady, and the foundation we are building is solid. For most of our campaigns there has been little left over once everything is paid for, but everything we bring in after that is profit.

In addition to this, with each successful and completed project we grow our built-in audience as well as our credibility as a publisher.
Book Left1The key is to go into the venture with realistic goals. To know what you can and cannot do, and be prepared to work your butt off to make it happen. This is important. Most publishing crowdfunding campaigns do not succeed. This is because individuals go into it thinking they are going to collect free money. That people are just goBook Left1ing to hand it to them. They go into it thinking only of what they want to achieve, instead of what will make it worth a backer’s support.
Backers don’t care what you want. They want to know what’s in it for them. That is where your focus should be, making sure the backers feel they are getting good value for their support.
Yes, it takes a lot of work, but if you want to make dreams happen, it’s more than worth the effort.

Want to see a live crowdfunding project?

Check out the info and the link below. Interesting stuff.

eSpec Books is currently funding two novels by bestselling authors Jack Campbell (The Lost Fleet, The Lost Stars, and The Pillars of Reality series) and Brenda Cooper (co-author of Building Harlequin’s Moon with Larry Niven, and author of The Wings of Creation series).  The two books are very different coming-of-age stories.
Jack Campbell’s The Sister Paradox is an urban fantasy turned epic adventure, where a teen boy crosses dimensions to fight dragons and basilisks and other manner of magical creatures beside the sword-wielding younger sister he never had.
Brenda Cooper’s POST is a post-apocalyptic journey novel, where a girl name Sage leaves the safety of the botanical garden she grew up in to discover the world outside and with hope, help rebuild it.
To learn more or to support their efforts, visit http://tiny.cc/Novels2016.

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Let’s Run Away with a Rock Band! A Review of Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland @SEGreenAuthor @entangledteen

Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland (Ebook) An abused 16 year old girl runs away from home, lies about her age, and takes a job as a roadie for a rock tour. Enter hot rock star.

I passed on this book several times because, really, can you get any more cliché? I’m not sorry I picked it up, though. The rock-star hero, West, was a refreshing change, in that he was a nice guy that I could actually picture myself falling for. (Not like the tortured jerk heroes that seem the dominate the romance category) In the beginning, he was a touch unbelievable to me. I was going to subtract a star for that, but I gave that star back, because “Yay for the nice guy!” I wish Mr. Nice guy would be invited to more YA novels.

Now, Eve is a great character. The author seemed to do a lot of homework, or knows someone personally who has been abused. Her character was great. She did have that typical “I’m not good enough for him” period, which is another troupe that I wish would disappear, but I can forgive her that. She’d been taught she wasn’t good enough by an abusiver for years.

The plot and pacing of this book was spot on. It has that “Can’t put it down” feel, and I found myself making excuses not to do other things so I could come back and read (That is unusual for me) This book totally had me up until we hit the 90% mark.

This, unfortunately, is where it fell flat for me. The climax happens. “Oh no! What is she going to do‽” And yes, we get to see Eve stand up for herself, but after all the buildup, I expected it to be longer and more exciting. Then, she gets something slipped into her hand. This item is jam packed full of potential for at least another ten pages of tension and nail-biting. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, what she did with that item is glossed over in a summary.

I was very disappointed. I also wasn’t really happy with the way the relationship reconciled, either. I mean, he’s 19. She’s 16.

Minor spoiler coming up in purple. Stop reading if you don’t want to know

Okay – are you gone if you don’t want to know?

Last chance. Okay?


Well, the relationship between Eve and the rock star is left totally hanging. I would have preferred for West to step up and say “I’ll always love you, but you’re only sixteen. My career will be over if anyone finds out.” As callous as that seems, IT’S TRUE. I think a better ending would have been for them to stay friends from a distance, and have him show up with a rose (even better, a roll of stickers) on her 18th birthday. BOOM! Perfect ending, and I wouldn’t have been disturbed by the thought of them actually getting together.

[End spoiler. You can come back now!]

I struggled a little on rating the book because of what I stated above, but I enjoyed all the rest of the book so much I decided to only subtract one star. Everything about this book is awesome. Shadow of a Girl really rocks on many levels, but I think the ending could have been expanded on for the conflict with the abuser, and also with the over age boyfriend.

Yes, I’d definitely grab another book from this author.

The lady has skills.

Five Oreos on the writing style, and four Oreos for the book.

Click here (Goodreads) to get your own copy of Shadow of a Girl

Oreo Four

A Writer’s Muse: My Favorite Place to Write with Cindy Pon

j-eatonMy absolute favorite place to write is the local boba shop. I’ve been writing my novels here since at least 2011.

I love it because they have nice long hours, and they serve both delicious food as well as drinks. Everything I need as a writer if I’m looking for a long writing binge.

(An author must be fed and have her milk teas and coffees!)

It doesn’t hurt that the cafe is often filled with #cuteasianboys to help inspire me in my writing!😀

I’ve been coming for so long that the owner knows my name. You really cannot beat that.

Looks yummy. I think I need to find a boba shop of my own!

Can I hear some COVER LOVE???!!!

Here’s what Cindy’s new novel SACRIFICE is all about:

Sacrifice, the sequel to Serpentine, plunges Skybright into the terrifying underworld where demons are bred and whisks her up to the magnificent Mountain of Heavenly Peace where the gods dwell.

Stone is stripped of his immortal status and told to close hell’s breach, which mysteriously remains open, threatening mortals.

Zhen Ni, Skybright’s former mistress and friend, has been wed to the strange and brutish Master Bei, and finds herself trapped in an opulent but empty manor. When she discovers half-eaten corpses beneath the estate, she realizes that Master Bei is not all that he seems.

As Skybright works to free Zhen Ni with the aid of Kai Sen and Stone, they begin to understand that what is at risk is more far-reaching then they could ever have fathomed.

Google Play | BAM | Chapters | Indies | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | TBD | iBooks  | Goodreads

Cindy Pon is the author of Silver Phoenix (Greenwillow, 2009), which was named one of the Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Youth by the American Library Association’s Booklist, and one of 2009′s best Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by VOYA. The sequel to Silver Phoenix, titled Fury of the Phoenix, was released in April 2011. Serpentine, the first title in her next Xia duology, released in September 2015 (Month9Books). Sacrifice, the sequel is due out in September 2016. WANT, a near-future thriller set in Taipei will release in summer 2017 (Simon Pulse). She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and on the advisory board of We Need Diverse Books. Cindy is also a Chinese brush painting student of over a decade. Visit her website at www.cindypon.com.

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads • Tumblr


Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Serpentine and Sacrifice by Cindy Pon (INT)

Enter here! Rafflecopter!  


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What the heck is Steampunk, anyway? With @LeighStatham

Steampunk is the marriage of old world manners and customs with fanciful steam powered technology and scientific advancements, or sometimes magic. My books lean heavily to the science side of things. You can take a true story, like Marguerite’s, and spice it up with all kinds of fun contraptions and plot twists. It really adds a lot of creative freedom to the author.

Marguerite’s world is very unique. Most steampunk on the market these days is either old west, or set in Victorian London. Marguerite is a wealthy girl from 17th century France chasing pirates around the world in aerships during the Golden Age of Piracy. I was able to play with time, technology and relationships while still showcasing some of the amazing truths of the age. In short, it was a blast to write! I can’t wait to see more diverse steampunk stories. Punk isn’t just for London anymore, folks.

About The Perilous Journey Of The Much Too Spontaneous Girl

Lady Marguerite Vadnay and her trusty automaton, Outil, have settled into life in New France rather well. Marguerite is top of the class at flight school and her future as an aerpilot is nearly secure. She has everything she wants— except a commission on the pirate hunting dirigible The Renegade. Using every card in her aristocratic arsenal, Marguerite wiggles her way onto the finest warship France has to offer. But as usual, Marguerite’s plans endanger the lives of those she holds dear— only this time no one else is going to save them. As Marguerite and Outil set off on a rescue mission they may not return from, she finally realizes it’s time to reorder her cogs.

This steampunk adventure is littered with facts from The Golden Age of Piracy and follows (not too closely) some of the lives and adventures of the brave men and women who sailed the seas as privateers, pirates and soldiers.

Available at all these great bookish places:

Goodreads  |  Google Play | BAM | Chapters | Indies | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | TBD | iBooks


About Leigh Statham

Leigh Statham was raised in the wilds of rural Idaho, but found her heart in New York City. She worked as a waitress, maid, artist, math teacher, nurse, web designer, art director, thirty-foot inflatable pig and mule wrangler before she settled down in the semi-quiet role of wife, mother and writer. She resides in North Carolina with her husband, four children, five chickens and two suspected serial killer cats. If the air is cool and the sun is just coming up over the horizon, you can find her running the streets of her small town, plotting her next novel with the sort of intensity that will one day get her hit by a car.

 Connect with the Author: Website |Twitter Facebook | Goodreads

Giveaway Information: Contest ends October 7, 2016

  • One (1) winner will receive a scrabble tile book cover charm (US ONLY)
  • Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of books 1 and 2 in the Perilous Journey of the Not So Innocuous Girl series by Leigh Statham (INT)



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What evokes childlike wonder? And as adults writing for children, how can we recapture that? @DonnaGalanti

Harnessing Your Inner Child by Donna Galanti 

Fairy Wonder AChildlike wonder. What was yours as a kid? I walked along rock walls under the stars at night. Climbed trees to sing songs to the woods. And hid away in rose bush caves with a notepad to write my stories – all the while believing that magic existed.

Regaining a childlike sense of wonder isn’t about returning to a childlike state, it’s about letting yourself be awed by the little things in your grownup life. The mundane every day is what can dull our wonder. And just because those little things happen every day doesn’t mean they aren’t miraculous.

Sled Ride BBut keeping your childlike wonder can be difficult when grownup duties mount. One winter day as I tried to write, I watched two kids sled. Their laughter and joy snapped me out of my trapped trance. I remembered being ten years old and how a whole day of sledding was magical.


And I realized now that in order to do my job well as a children’s author, and to find joy in it, I needed to rekindle my kid wonder again. How can we keep that kind of wonder with us?


Me with my lion ring.

I found wonder in my hero then, the lion from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.

My wonder list:

  1. Re-visit pictures of yourselves as a kid. Daydream about what you were doing in those photos. What were you excited about?
  2. Did you write diaries as a child or teen? Go back and read them to inspire that voice of youth in your own writing.
  3. Look at the world from a different perspective. Like the snow. I went out in it and made a snow angel and looked up at the sky. Something I hadn’t done in years.
  4. Create a new bucket list together with your kids or grandkids. What do they dream of doing that you could do with them?
  5. Read stories by your own children, or grandchildren, to see how they view the world in their words.
  6. Revive memories of being the age of your characters. Draw a map of the neighborhood you grew up in. Remember what you saw, what you felt, and how you reacted to events there and write them down.
  7. Act out a scene in your book, or any book, with dramatic flair.
  8. Face a childhood fear (mine was going down in our dark 200-year-old cellar where I had been sure dead bodies were buried in the dark hole in the wall).

Stylish YouthIn doing these things myself, I remembered how awesome it was to be a kid again and lost in the moment. And that every day as a kid was about being swept up in the magical moments. And I could once again be lost in the wonder – and the small things.

How do you harness your childlike wonder in writing for tweens or teens?

Buy Joshua and the Arrow Realm and Joshua and the Lightning Road (book one on sale now for just $.99cents through 9/20) at: http://www.donnagalanti.com/books/

About Donna: Donna Galanti is the author of the Element Trilogy (Imajin Books) and the Joshua and The Lightning Road series (Month9Books). She is a contributing editor for International Thriller Writers the Big Thrill magazine and blogs with other middle grade authors at Project Middle Grade Mayhem. Donna has lived from England as a child, to Hawaii as a U.S. Navy photographer. She now lives in Pennsylvania with her family in an old farmhouse that has lots of nooks and crannies, but sadly no ghosts. You can find her books, resources for writers, and upcoming events at www.elementtrilogy.com. For more information on her writing for tweens and teens visit www.donnagalanti.com.

Connect with Donna:

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: GoodReads: Instagram:


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Twelve Year Old Reviews “My Brother is a Super Hero” by David Solomons

This book is about two brothers who hang out together in a tree house. One day, while the younger brother goes into the house to go to the bathroom, aliens come down and make Zach, the older brother, a superhero.

There is a guy who always wanted super powers so he tries to kidnap Zach.

What I liked about this book was I really liked the action and the mystery since the little brother was trying to stop his friend from finding out that Zac had super powers.

The ending was also great. It was really intense and I liked the way it all worked out. There is a really good theme, but I can’t tell you or it would spoil the ending.

I would rate this book a four out of five Oreos because I really like action books and this is a really really good action book. So, yeah, I recommend this book for young readers who like action.

Oreo Four


Learn more about this book HERE


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Feeling the Pressure! AKA: Writing your second novel, after your first won so many awards @JGoochHummer

Woohoo! Today we’re welcoming Jennifer Gooch Hummer to chat about sending her second book into the world, after her first book, GIRL UNMOORED won TWELVE awards!  No pressure or anything! (List of awards is below)

So tell us about it Jennifer. What is GIRL UNMOORED about?

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for having me on your blog.

My first novel, GIRL UNMOORED, is a Young Adult book about a girl named Apron whose outcast life changes when she befriends two young men, both unbeknownst to her, have AIDS. The story takes place in 1985 when the fear of AIDS was rampant.

Clearly this is a much different genre than middle-grade fantasy! So even though I would love to repeat the amazing awards that I was lucky enough to win for GIRL UNMOORED, I can’t even begin to compare my debut to OPERATION TENLEY.

An editor once explained to me they look for two kinds of books: award-winning or commercially successful. My goal for THE FAIR CITY FILES series is to be commercially successful. I hope that does not sound too shallow. I certainly strived to write the best book possible, but it’s the story world in this book that I hope intrigues the most.

Besides, as every writer knows, each story is its own eco-system, completely separate from one another. I wasn’t sure I could love a character more than Apron Bramhall, but Tenley Tylwyth and Holden Wonderbolt have stolen my heart.

I’m writing Book II now and let’s just say… adventurous weather awaits!

Sounds awesome! So what’s Operation Tenley about?

Tenley Tylwyth is an Elemental Teen born with the power to produce weather. Cool? Not really. Elementals who can create weather make Mother Nature angry. It’s time she got rid of them. Only one thing is standing in her way—Fair Ones. These ancestors of fairies keep kids like Tenley safe, but when rookie Fair One, Pennie, fails to do so, she’s forced to travel to Earth—a place where no Fair One wants to go. Now, Pennie has forty-eight hours to convince Tenley to give up her power. It won’t be so easy. Tenley’s got a way with wind. And after falling deep into Mother Nature’s gardens, where trees grow upside down and insects attack on command, a little wind might be just what Tenley needs to survive. Even if it kills her.

Sounds great! Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

Find out more about Operation Tenley at your favorite bookish places!

Goodreads  | Google Play | BAM | Chapters | Indies | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | TBD | iBooks

Or enter the Rafflecopter [HERE] for the chance to win a copy!

About the author:

Jennifer Gooch Hummer is the award-winning author and screenwriter for her debut novel, Girl Unmoored, which has been optioned for film. Her middle grade fantasy series, Operation Tenley; Book 1 of The Fair City Files, is forthcoming September 2016. Jennifer has worked as a script analyst for various talent agencies and major film studios. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three daughters.

GIRL UNMOORED has been awarded:
Maine Literary Awards, YA Fiction 2013
Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2012, YA Fiction Adult Themes.
Reader Views Kids Award Winner, Best Teen/YA Book of the Year, 2012
Reader Views Winner, Best Teen/YA Fiction 2012
Foreword Book of The Year Finalist, YA Fiction 2012
Indie Excellence Awards 2012, Winner Cross-Genre Fiction
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012, Winner YA Fiction
USA Book Awards, Finalist Best New Book 2012
USA Book Awards, Finalist Best Cross-over Fiction, 2012
Paris Book Festival Awards 2012, Winner YA Fiction
San Francisco Book Festival Awards 2012, Winner Teenage Fiction.
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012, Finalist Chick Lit Fiction
International Book Awards 2012, Finalist Best New Book
International Book Awards 2012, Finalist YA Fiction
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012, Best Cover Art

Please visit her at: http://jennifergoochhummer.com/
And her book blog at: http://allstorygirl.wordpress.com/


What happens next? A Review of Queen by Kiera Cass

Queen by Kiera Cass (Audiobook) This is a “prequel” novella in THE SELECTION series. Here, we find out how Queen Amberly becomes queen in her own Selection experience.

This novella really can’t stand on its own. The Selection process is not explained or defined, and situation and characters happen in this book that you would have no idea what is going on unless you’ve read the first book. Also, the writing and world-building is nowhere as deep and intricate as the full novel. But that isn’t really a problem, since its target audience would have read the first book.

QUEEN is an interesting look into the past of the king and queen, and we find out why the king does some of the “meaner” things he does in The Selection.

My real beef about this novella is that it suddenly just STOPPED. I mean, we go through general selection stuff, then the prince tells Amberly that he likes her, and introduces this whole new conflict that had me sitting upright, suddenly really interested and engaged and ready to take on this new part of the adventure.

Then… nothing.

Amberly is happy that he says he liked her, and we don’t get to take the journey with them through that conflict.

Yes, this is just a novella, and if they delved into that plotline, it could have been its own full-length book, but then why not just have him choose her and not act like that conflict existed? It just left me feeling a little unfinished, if that makes sense.

I’d give QUEEN two stars, because the ebook is listed at $2.99 which is really disappointing for what you get. This should be a freebee. I look at books like this as little gifts to readers. – just little tidbits to keep them excited about a series until the next book arrives. At $2.99 (maybe even at $.99) I’m not sure this really delivers.

If you can pick this up at the library, or as a free read (in a legal promotion) And you’ve read THE SELECTION already, I think you will really enjoy this. Just don’t expect the big whirlwind romance you experienced in the first novel.

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Facebook Advertising, Take Two – Very different results.

So, I tried Facebook advertising again. I changed things up just a little. And the results were surprisingly different.


Facebook warns that if you add words to your picture, that you will not get seen by as many people.

I tried using the ad that my publicist created, and they showed me that there was too much writing on the ad, and a company logo … that it would only be seen by 200 people. So, like a conscious consumer, I scrapped it and made my own.

I took a picture and added three lines of copy. This is what it looked like.

1 fire paper and ebook FullSizeRender

Yes, they tell you that ads with words on them will reach less people, but since they WARNED be on the first one, I figured they would warn me on this one, too.

I went through the motions, and Facebook told me that over a two day promotion, and $2.00 a day, I would be seen by 1,800 – 3000 people. Hey, for $4.00 sign me up!

Well, this was NOT meant to be. I scratched my head, watching the numbers.


There were three factors involved. I’m not sure which one caused the problem.

#1: It was labor day weekend. The sale ran from 11:00 AM Saturday to 11:00 AM Monday (I was hoping people might grab a beach read)

#2: There was a hurricane coming. People bailed on the beach.

#3: I added two lines of copy, and it was obviously an ad, rather than the personal approach I first used.

I might try again with the same add photo during the week to see if I get higher numbers. That way I can rule out the hurricane (That never showed up, but the way)

As a reminder, these were the results of my first ad:

At $1 a day I received an average of 284 views per day and 8 clicks per day

At $2 a day (On a Sunday, which might have skewed things) I received 515 views and 11 clicks

If you want to be really anal, for a total of $9.00 it cost $.00359 cents per view, or $.13 per click. Personally, I don’t only value the “click” numbers, because I know how important just the face time of the cover is.

This time around, as I said, the results were much different.

Think GirlMy paid reach was 528 people over two days. That’s 264 a day. That is 20 less views than I got when I paid only $1.00 a day. NOT COOL!

I received 16 post clicks. Average of 8 a day (The same amount of clicks I got the first time around) FOR DOUBLE THE COST.


sadSo, overall, this one was a bust for me.

Facebook is telling me that if I add $1.00 to my budget, my reach will increase to $4.5k-10.6K. … But I didn’t reach the 3000 people I was supposed to reach the first time, so I’m doubtful.

Since it is only $1.00, I am going to take them up on the offer on Tuesday when everyone goes back to work.

Let’s see if there is any change.

This will tell me if it is the added words on the ad causing the problem, or if it was just bad timing.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


Ashes and Fire2You can find Fire in the Woods and Ashes in the Sky at all these awesome bookish places!

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