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 Fire in the Woods Revised CoverFire in the  Woods

Young adult, urban contemporary, science fiction, action adventure, romance

Ebook and Paperback

Full length novel

Review: FIRE IN THE WOODS is “an extremely fast paced thriller that has  you reading on the edge of your seat the entire time.” – OriginiquEquanimity Reviews

Swish thin
85424-ashesinthesky-v6-book2-final-v3Ashes in the Sky

(Fire in the Woods Book 2)

Young adult, urban contemporary, science fiction, action adventure, romance

Ebook and Paperback

Full length novel

Review: All in all a fantastic Alien book bursting with amazing characters, world building and kick ass battles with the bad guys get the tissues at the ready this book will blow your mind.  – Life of a Bookworm

Swish thin

Paper Wishes Final

Paper Wishes,

Contemporary Sweet Romance available from Astraea Press.

Ebook format only.


Review: The writing style is breezy and the pace brisk. I could easily  see this as a holiday movie. A fun way to spend an hour or two. – Reviewer

Swish thin

Now Available from Jennifer M. EatonTHE  FIRST DAY OF THE NEW TOMORROW,

YA Urban/Paranormal Fantasy


Review: I love this line, “I don’t even know how to get a date, and you want me to save the world?” This is not my usual genre of choice, but I enjoyed the fast pace and  tight writing. My only disappointment is the story finished too soon. – Swish thin


Dystopian available as part of the “Make Believe” Anthology from J.Taylor Publishing.

Ebook format only.


Review: I say with certainty that Last Winter Red has the best setting. I was pretty much in awe at Eaton’s thorough conception of the post-apocalyptic type of world in which Emily believes that inside the  borders of Terra, the Reds are safe. Outside the wall are the Grays and a  dangerous, contagious sickness. All angles were covered: disease, less  than perfect living conditions, an untruthful Council, death, betrayal and  little romance, too! – Reviewer

Swish thinComing___Soon!

Swish thin

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Coming_Soon_!Fire in the Woods book 3


Coming in 2016/2017

Swish thin

Optimal Red1Optimal Red

YA Romantic Dystopian Fantasy

Status: Final Edits

Swish thin

Une Variante


Adult Paranormal Romance, serial (Shifter)

Status: Complete


Swish thinComing_Soon_!Invaded

Adult Paranormal Mystery (Aliens)

Status: Final EditsSwish thin


Middle Grade Contemporary Adventure

(Normal People)

Status: EditingSwish thin

Coming_Soon_!Captive Host

Adult Paranormal Fantasy (Aliens)

Status: PlottingSwish thin Coming_Soon_!Dragonmount

New Adult shifter (Dragons)

Status: PlottingSwish thin


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