Renegade Storm: Star Bandits: Uprising Book 3

Heroes aren’t born in space, they’re made…or they die trying.

Dania and Alexander are on their own, but they’re still coded to protect the innocent. So when the Star Renegade discovers enemy plans to attack a defenseless colony, they need to help.

The crew of the Star Renegade has been through enough, and Cal sure as stars isn’t going to fly right into a war zone. When they’re hijacked by an armada manned by Dania’s enforcers, though, they’ll have no choice but to join the fight.

The colony needs a miracle. Dania and Alexander can save them, if they give up their new lives to return to the enforcers. Saving 37 million people should make that an easy choice, but if they return, they’ll be forced to execute Cal and his crew.

Star Bandits is Guardians of the Galaxy meets Firefly and Robin Hood.

Jump on board and star your inter-galactic adventure today!