Renegade Thief: Star Bandits: Uprising Book 2

In outer space, sanity is a luxury

when your crew decides they’re heroes.


Dania is doing her best to gain the trust and friendship of the crew, but when she finds out that her best friend has been abducted by the slavers Dania failed to eliminate, she resolves to finish what she’d started and save him.

Going after the slave runners is suicide. The Star Renegade is a little ship, and Cal refuses to put his people in danger. However, the crew votes to take on the impossible: one ship against hundreds to save a guy they don’t even know.

Whether Cal likes it or not Dania is part of this crew, and he needs to protect her. When they’re cornered, though, the slavers make him an offer that he can’t refuse: give up the enforcers, or watch his ship, and everyone on board, explode.

Two lives in exchange for six. It’s a good deal. The crew will hate him for taking it, but he’ll hate himself if he doesn’t.

Star Bandits is Guardians of the Galaxy meets Firefly, The Expanse, and Robin Hood.

Jump on board and star your inter-galactic adventure today!