Editing Services

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I have a confession to make. I LOVE editing. It’s my favorite part of the process. There’s nothing like seeing a great story develop into something phenomenal.

How may I help your manuscript shine?

Developmental Edit

Big picture, plot, pacing, overall arc + romantic arc (if needed), show verses tell, opening and closing chapter hooks, dialog beats, sentence structure, flow, word choice, general grammar while keeping a hold of the author’s voice.


Coaching is hourly, because I’m never sure how much help a client will need. I offer deep dive edits (including coaching) on your first 1-5 chapters to help authors decide if they want a developmental edit, or if they need help with craft.

First Chapter(s) Evaluation

Not sure what you need? Let’s start with a smaller chunk for a deep dive evaluation!

Jennifer is a very detailed, professional editor who helped shape and perfect my manuscript.

Because of her efforts, I had seven agents ask for the whole manuscript.

She worked fast and efficient and delivered everything I had hoped for and more.

Top notch service!”

— Dana Claire

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Eaton for my two novels: The Launderer and The Dryer. Her experience as a copy editor and diligence in reviewing every aspect of my writing were very valuable to me. Her many corrections and comments made my achievements stand out so much more because she correctly pointed areas that needed more description, characters’ feelings that weren’t sufficiently expressed and items that didn’t flow well with the story. I really appreciated Jennifer authenticity and frankness in giving me the feedback that I needed to get to the finish line. I would recommend Jennifer to both beginners and experienced authors that want their work to stand out more prominently.”

— Bill Light