“This book is truly fascinating from start to finish.”

The only thing standing between an uncharted planet and a murderous band of pirates is a long lost hero and the woman sent to rescue him.

New to her pilot’s stripes, Mia throttles her rescue team to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to save a hero missing in action. The problem is, Jason Starlight isn’t sure he wants to be saved.

For the past 5 years Jason has been the only thing standing between the people of his new world and a vicious band of pirates. Now he’s faced with a choice, turn his back on the planet he now calls home, or drag Mia and her team into a fight that will probably get them all killed.

Jason knows the greatest heroes stand up for what’s right no matter the cost, but Mia knows it’s only the smartest heroes that live to tell about it.

Starlight is Guardians of the Galaxy meets Avatar.

Step on board and start your inter-galactic adventure today!

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