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I’m Jennifer M. Eaton the author of the Fire in the Woods series. Today I’d like to take a moment to send you into the mind of a girl willing to risk her life to save a boy from another planet. I originally wrote this as part of Jess’s character study. It has changed very little since I first wrote down these words, and they ended up being nearly the exact copy used for the Fire in the Woods Book trailer (Below if you want to take a look). Enjoy!

Only one more school year

Until I could live my dream

My dream

Not his

Everything was in place.

Plans were made

Until I found a boy in the woods

Now I am running for my life

Through the woods

With a boy I barely know

With the entire U.S. Army…



and Dad chasing us

This is so not how I expected to spend the last week of summer vacation.

But if I don’t save him,

who will?


Fire in the Woods Revised CoverSeventeen-year-old Jess’s dream is to graduate High School and get away from her dull military-brat existence. But racing for her life across New Jersey with a boy she hardly knows is not quite what she had in mind.

David is alone, injured, and lost in the woods. When a young girl stumbles across him, he places his trust, and his life, in her hands. Will she lead him to safety, or right into the hands of the men he is hiding from?

Young adult contemporary science fiction (Because you can’t get enough contemporary or science in your fiction)

Available wherever books are sold

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About the Author

jennifer-eaton-portrait-1-img_4000 Jennifer M. Eaton hails from the eastern shore of the North American Continent on planet Earth. Yes, regrettably, she is human, but please don’t hold that against her.

While not traipsing through the galaxy looking for specimens for her space moth collection, she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband and three energetic offspring. (And a poodle who runs the spaceport when she’s not around.)

During infrequent excursions to her home planet of Earth, Jennifer enjoys long hikes in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and snuggling up by the fire with a great book; but great adventures are always a short shuttle ride away.