How to make your readers care about your characters

A little while ago I was skimming over notes I took from a class about creating characters that your reader will care about.

Disclaimer:  I honestly don’t remember where this handout came from. I’m going to paraphrase the topic and think up my own ideas, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m stealing without giving credit.

It should be a given to an author that they need to create characters that their readers will care about. They do not necessarily have to like the character. Some really great characters are very unlikable. But we need to CARE about them, or we won’t keep reading. Right?

So how do we do this?

Here are links to the articles I wrote on each topic. Each are quick and to the point. I hope you find them helpful. 🙂

1.       Relationships.  (See the article)

2.       Give them a goal (See the article)

3.       Caring about others (See the article)

4.       A special gift or talent (See the article)

5.       A handicap (See the article)



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  1. Interesting thougghts

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