Format for print version of DRAGON MOUNT

Need your book formatted for self publication?

Being both a traditionally published and self published author, I’ve had to learn the art of book formatting.

I’ve been formatting freelance since 2017 and have done everything from general novel formats, to big scale coffee table picture books and finance books.


I do both ebook formats and print formats, and offer lots of options to choose from.

Rates start at $175 for a standard fiction book, no pictures, no block quotes.

Check out links to samples below

Please email me to check pricing for your specific needs

“Jennifer is a professional in every sense of the word, and I’m glad she was available to help with my second volume, just as she did my first. I’ve already hired her twice, and I’ll likely do so again once the third volume of my book series is in need of adjustments and formatting.”

-Upwork Client Review


Link to a book I’ve formatted for KDP ebook and KDP print

Please note that this was a deluxe format with pictures and special spacers. Extremely time consuming and cost prohibitive for most.

I formatted this one as well. It is more standard, like an average book.

This one includes a picture beneath each chapter number. The pictures are custom (extra cost and time unless provided) As well as $1 per chapter for the extra formatting (Unless Hourly). The spacers were custom as well. The custom spacer is $5 (unlimited use of the same image) plus the cost of the image if one is not provided

This one has a custom image in the Chapter header, and a custom spacer.

A few samples of work for clients:

Separate image on one side of the page spread (Children’s book)

I formatted this entire seven book series for a client:

Picture heavy – Manga for a client –

Non Fiction:




Please email me to check pricing for your specific needs