Yes! We will publish your novel… If…

 You toil for years over your story.  It’s very intricate.  It’s brilliant

(I can say this because it’s not mine.  This just happened to a friend of mine Friday)

Your story is a three-part series. Every facet of book one is important to the next two novels, and they are all completely written (at least in draft form)

 You send it out, rejection here, rejection there, partial here, partial there, rejection, and then BAM!  A request for a Full Manuscript from an indie publisher.  The only chink is that they think it is too long, so you need to cut 25,000 words out of it before they will even consider you, and you only have two weeks to do it.  You toil and toil.  You edit till you drop.  Your beta partner reads madly right behind you watching for little plot chinks that don’t work.  Coffee if your friend.  Sleep is optional, but you do it.  You make your deadline.  (And I have to admit, the final draft minus the 25,000 words is AWESOME)

 You wait and wait, and after a few weeks, you get a response.  They are interested.  They just want you to change one little thing that they don’t like.  The problem is that one little thing is extremely important to the next two novels.  They said if she’s willing to change that, they’d read the revised version, and prepare to move forward.

 UGH!  I sat on the phone with her for an hour and a half trudging through how to make it work…  how to take this one facet out, or how to work around it.  A week ago, she was talking about how many of her friends changed their stories drastically just to get published.  Now here she is in the same boat.

 I’m wondering what I’d do.  Little changes everyone expects to make… but something drastic enough to affect your entire series? 

 Positive energy SHOOTING your way, Buddy!  I hope you make the right decision, whatever that is!

4 responses to “Yes! We will publish your novel… If…

  1. Well, If you’re going to be a professional blogger, you’ll never need to deal with the publishing industry will you!? Keep on trucking and do what you love… but if you decide to take the plunge, don’t let me scare you. You might actually be the next Stephen King and not even know it.

  2. I’m getting ready to start this process very soon and I’m not looking forward to it for a couple of reasons:
    1) All the rejections are going to test my confidence
    2) I’m too stubborn to change things unless I completely agree with why the change must be made.

    You’ve got to ask yourself which is more important: your vision of the story or getting published. It’s a tough one to answer because both options have an equally strong pull. Good luck as you continue your quest. 🙂

    • C.B. — Have you gone through the Beta Read Process? If not, I highly suggest you do. It is very important to get opinions of people WHO YOU DON’T KNOW on your work. This is the only way to really jusde the marketability of your work, wether it is ready, and it will also “thicken your skin up” a little to help you get ready to throw your hat in the ring. Rejection is inevitable. It might not be your manuscript. The reader just might not be in a good mood that day. It is all very subjective, and you need to be PREPARED to not let it get to you. Good luck!

  3. i didn’t know submitting a novel/book would be that much of a pain. i was thinking about making my own book and from reading your article, i guess it’s best for me to just publish a free ebook haha…