Here’s another pitch contest!

There’s another pitch contests going on.  So, I figure, why not?

This one is over at Beyond Words and the prize is a full manuscript read and critique by agent Victoria Marini.  Not too shabby.  So, of course I am throwing my hat in the ring.

 If you want to join in, you need to have a completed manuscript, because if you win, she will be requesting a FULL.  Pretty cool.

 The contest is for a two-sentence pitch, and the first sentence of your manuscript.  Of course, I was ranting about the last one, not liking my first 250 words hanging out there all alone.  Now, I am really not liking my first sentence hanging out there all lonely-like.  This is the way it all starts, though, so I am going with it.  Let’s hear it for the voice of a little boy!

Opening Sentence: Grown-ups fight a lot, Magellan thought, as he looked out over the crowd.

Two Sentence Pitch: A common boy unknowingly imprinted with the dangerous powers of the Great Goddess, shatters the galaxy as he knows it.  He travels back in time, hoping to change his destiny, before a jealous prince manipulated by Darkness murders him.


2 responses to “Here’s another pitch contest!

  1. Yea! I’m so glad I could help! I sometimes worry about giving advise like that to someone I’m not all that familiar with. I know that the start of the novel is the hardest part. I’m so glad I could point you in a better direction. I’d love to read the new intro sometime!

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    I wanted to say that your comment about my MS, Blackbird, having a gritty feel that didn’t fit the pitch was a HUGE help! I’ve tried many times to get my intro to work, and after your comment, I realized that I needed to start at a different place. Starting somewhere other than the concert gets rid of that “gritty” feel that isn’t really my novel.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!