Technology is catching up to Science Fiction

Funny, when I started writing my novel a few years ago I came up with this neat little innovation…  these kids on my futuristic planet don’t carry books around to school, they have Datapads.  Imagine my surprise when the iPad became the “in thing” last year.  I just laughed it off.  It still fits in my story, and I don’t wave it around as an “innovation” but I found it amusing.

Today, on Circuitmart, there was an eight-minute video clip about “wearable robots”.  The military has contracted for a firm in the USA to create wearable exoskeletons that will be able to read the wearer’s intent, and increase their strength by twenty times.  Eventually, they speculate they may even be able to make people fly.  (They do other cool stuff, but I don’t want to bore you if you’re not into tech-stuff)

Now, my first reaction was: This is a bad idea… haven’t they read Science Fiction stories?  These things lead to no good!  One of the companies mentioned was even named Cyberdine.  (Very funny in a ‘spooky sort of way’ for all you Terminator fans out there)

Anyway, it made me think… for those of us who are Science Fiction authors, we need to really start reaching into the depths of our imagination as far as technology goes.  It was a lot easier to write in the 50’s when a simple computer was a dream someone had.  Now, all our dreams and wildest fantasies are becoming reality.

We are going to have to work harder to spark the interests of our readers.  Yes, you can say “go for the story… the story will drive them in!”  Well, yes, that’s a given, but in Sci-Fi, I think readers look for a little something “different”.

Story is always a given, but to make our worlds seem “futuristic” we are going to have to start working harder… and faster.  You might just come up with something cool, and someone will come up behind you and actually invent and market the darned thing before you even get published!

If you are into “tech stuff” you can watch the video about the robotic armor at the link below.

(Circuitsmart makes you watch a 30-second commercial, first, and the video will start afterwards)


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