The Tooth Fairy

I’d like to take a short breather from the writing world just to talk about something simple.

My eight year old lost his first tooth last night.  Big excitement in the Eaton household as the kids got ready for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.  My husband went to bed early, and Mommy tucked the kids in, and stayed up late working on her computer, as usual.  No rest for the weary writer, or the mother of excited children.

I was thinking after I finally got to bed last night how good my husband has it, although I don’t think he looks at it that way.  He’s a work from home Dad, which is really really hard.  The great thing is though, that he gets to see the kids in the morning before they go to school.  I miss that.  Especially on mornings like this.

I wouldn’t get to talk to my son when he woke up, or see his excited face when he counted out his coins.   I would miss it, like I missed his first steps.

I did get a little bonus, though.  I stepped out of my room this morning ready to go to work, to find my son cuddled up asleep on the floor in the hallway outside his room.  His right hand was resting on a pile of coins.

I still don’t know why he woke in the middle of the night, or why he was in the hallway.  It bought a smile to my face though.

It’s the little things.   He wasn’t awake, but I got to see him, and I know he was excited.  Mommy really needed that.

Amendment:  Omigosh!  He lost another one at school today!  He looks so goofy!

2 responses to “The Tooth Fairy

  1. Such a sweet moment! I get to stay home with my children but I often let the little trials of the day get in the way of enjoying time with my children. Losing teeth is a big milestone for children. I know I’ll want to experience it with them. I found a great Mom’s Guide that gives tips and information on caring for your child’s teeth including when they lose their teeth.

  2. Oh, Jen, how precious! I love reading blogs like this. Did you get a picture on your cell phone at least? Ahh. It’s tiny moments like this that take our breath away, that give us purpose and reason to go on, to keep trudging through the sometimes muddy waters of life. What a beautiful moment in time for you. You so needed this. And what is special is that you realize how blessed you are. *tears of joy* for you and your little one.

    P.S.: remind me sometime to tell you the story of when my oldest daughter received a letter from the tooth fairy apologizing for being two days late to arrive due to a broken wing. 🙂