Finding Time to Write

Here is an interesting article on finding time to write by Sandra Madeira  My writing notebook

I love the idea of seeing how many hours are in the day, and what time you have to write and when.  For some of you, this might work.  Unfortunately for me… this is my day.


Wake up

Drive to work (Think about what I want to write today)

Work until Lunch

Write during my lunch break

Work until 4:30

Drive home (Think about what I want to write tomorrow)

Have dinner (If my wonderful husband had time to make it)

Run out the door to soccer practice (Sometimes I bring my laptop and write.  Sometimes I walk around the field and think about writing)

Come home (Eat dinner if there was not time before)

Clean up the dishes, do laundry, clean the house

Tuck the kids in for bed

Check my email, blog, beta read or research for about an
hour while my husband finishes working

Spend an hour with my husband

Pass out.


Yes, this novel has taken me a few years to write.

Time is such a premium.  Weekends are pretty much the same, unless it’s not soccer season.  Kudos to anyone who can find the time to fit it all in.

I shake my head when I see interviews with authors who can write a novel in a few weeks.  They must not have kids, or full-time jobs.  However…

I WILL NOT BE DAUNTED.   Writing is part of me.  It makes me whole, and keeps my sanity.  Everyone should have a chance to spend a little time in a world of their own making.

4 responses to “Finding Time to Write

  1. Hi Jennifer
    I love the way you write and I also think your blog design is fantastic.
    I gave you a mention in my blog yesterday in Note 168 – Writing the old fashioned way – with pen and paper.
    Have a good day

  2. Jennifer J Randolph

    Agreed, writing is a part of you and even if it takes a long time you still managed to reach your goal.

  3. Never, ever give up! 🙂

    Writing is such a passion for me, it was crucial to make time for it no matter what. I’ve even been known to leave a few dirty dishes in the sink just so I could have a few extra minutes to write!