Row 80 Check in 10-12-2011

Wow, it’s already time for a ROW 80 check in.

Well, I’ve been overdoing it, to be honest.  I’ve gone to bed exhausted every night.  Blogging has taken a lot of my time, as well as contest

Good news:  My “Can you make us GASP” contest entry scared my kid so much that he couldn’t go to sleep.  He ended up in bed with his brother.  I guess it was good.  I hope a grown-up reader can appreciate how I just scarred my son for life.  Tee Hee.  I have to give him the next few pages so he knows what happens and can sleep again.

I’ve worked hard on my 50 word synopsis, with some great help from one of my beta partners who is way better at these than I am.  I think I have something.  I will be posting both these on my blog for everyone else to wack away at shortly.

I’ve managed to keep with my blog schedule.  Hopefully I will be able to get another “Manuscript Red-Line blog up this week with all the other stuff going on.

I’m half way through my beta read, although I have to admit I didn’t get to in today.  (Sorry, J)

Great news!  I did a scan through of my novel for flow… checking to make sure the new scene elements scattered throughout work, and I am THRILLED.  I think they bring the whole novel together…

and check this off the list— THE DREAM SEQUENCES ARE DONE!!!! Yay for me!

18 responses to “Row 80 Check in 10-12-2011

  1. I, too, had to chuckle at ‘scarring’ your child for life. I hope he’s able to get some good rest again soon!

    It does sound as though you’re making great progress! Way to go!

  2. I think with NaNo round the corner not wearing myself out is super important!

    Good to hear you have had a good week and I smiled when I read about you scaring your son….hope that doesn’t make me a bad person!

  3. Sounds like a productive few days! Congrats….and I’m doing the same thing with my rereading. Checking to see that the new elements and changes I popped in are flowing….

  4. Awesome that your scenes flowed well! I had to cobble together scenes not too long ago and it was a pain to get them smooth! 😀

    (also, no judgment on the scarring for life…plus I choose to believe he’ll develop a strong imagination and that’s a good thing!) 😉

  5. Wooooo! Awesome girl. Glad that is going well for you and you are pretty on top of your goals. Who needs sleep? Pay no heed to the time stamp.

  6. Great progress! I’m so in awe. I haven’t kept to my blog schedule yet and I set one up weekly. Good for you on those contest entries! Wishing you even more progress as the week goes on.


  7. No wonder you’re so good at encouraging others; you’re not doing bad at all yourself! 🙂 Great progress!

  8. Hee hee, you’re turning into a writer junkie like me! I crack up when I see you still on line at 11:00. that’s late for you.

    I’m sorry Brian got scared but then again, it’s good in a way because it shows you’ve got what it takes to write on an emotional level that reaches young kids.

    I’m really happy for you that you’ve reached some of your goals. I love forward motion. Keep up the good work and you know I’m here to read anything and everything you throw my way. I’m always here for you.

  9. Glad you made some real progress. That always makes me feel great. Keep up the good work, but make sure to get enough sleep too!