Row 80 Check in 10-23-2011

Whew!  This was an action packed week!  I feel like a pest because I needed to post something almost every day.  Sorry about that.  Row80 alone creeps in 2 extra posts a week, and then the contests… Jeez.  Sorry for the email glut

Anyway… My first goal was to write a short story.  I have 1200 words written.  I want to try to make it 1500 to enter a contest, but it might have to be 2000.  I guess I’ll decide when I’m done.  I’m pretty happy so far.  It’s very different from my normal writing.  Not an alien or a space ship in sight!

Second goal:  DONE!  Yes, my novel ends! (At least now it does… Thanks so much Thor for the epiphany!)

Third Goal:  Finish my summary.  YES!  I think I’ve got it!  I have a 1800 word, 800 word, 500 word and a 50 word.  I love them all!

Goals Three and Four:  Enter 50 word synopsis, and “Gasp” writing contests.  DONE.

I also managed to visit about 20 other “rowers”

Goals for this week:

1:  Decide on the beginning on my novel (You can help me pick which one here.  Please take a look if you have a moment.  I’d love as many opinions as I can get.)

2:  Finish my short story

3:  Do at least one, maybe two “Manuscript Rejection” lessons on my blog

4:  Begin editing 19,000 words from my novel

I’m on the home stretch!

12 responses to “Row 80 Check in 10-23-2011

  1. Awesome job Jennifer! Keep it up.

  2. wow, well done! Good luck with the new goals! 😀

  3. God I wish I had the time available you do o.O
    What are these rowers of which you speak?

    • Ha! “Rowers” are other poeple involved in “Row80” It’s a group of people who set their writing goals for the week, and then we hold eachother accountable to meeting them.

      If you want to check it out, click on the “ROW80” picture in my right hand navigation bar.

  4. I agree amazing week.
    Keep it up and good luck with the short story contest.


  5. You have a lot of goals as usual. I’m looking forward to more manuscript comments. I’m also interested in how your vote goes and what you do with the feedback. Good Luck

  6. That’s fantastic! Like Susan said, you’re on fire! Ride that momentum. 😀

  7. Jennifer, I love it that you got your epiphany for your book from Thor, and that your short story is about your dog (puffy dog).

    Thor (the mythology of) plays a huge part in the book I’m writing!

  8. I cannot wait to read the final draft of “Hidden”. Squeal!!!!

    You have been a busy beaver this week. Great going! is your short “Cricket Riders”? I so want to read that little ditty. 🙂

    Good going, kiddo. Can’t want to see what mountains you leap next week. 😉

    • No, my short story is about my dog. Yeah, seriously not fantasy or Sci-Fi. I think this is the only “real life” thing I’ve ever written.

      Cricket Riders is a MG novel I’m writing for my younger kids who just can’t comprehend HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. I’ve hit a roadblock on it, though. Probably because I am centered on finishing HIDDEN by the end of the year.

  9. Wow, Jennifer, you are on fire. Great job getting so much done! Writing so many different sized summaries can be tricky, but it looks like you got it under control. I have a short story contest going over at my blog and so far people have come up with some great ones. They can be a lot of fun. Hope you get yours done so you can enter the contest you’re looking at.

    Good luck with this next week!