ROW80 check in 10-30-2011

Here were my goals and stats for this week:

1:  Decide on the beginning on my novel

Thanks everyone who took the poll.  Results were 77% for Stuck in a closet, and 23% for fruit throwing.  This actually made me feel good, because I was leaning toward “Stuck”.  I am going to review all the comments now, and spruce up “stuck” a bit before I officially place it in the manuscript.

2:  Finish my short story – First draft done.  My first short story in over eight years.  Yeah for me!

3:  Do at least one, maybe two “Manuscript Rejection” lessons on my blog – Squeezed the second on in last night.  Done

4:  Begin editing 19,000 words from my novel- Glad my goal was just to “begin”.  150 pages are edited, and I am only down about 200 words.  That’s a little scary because “stuck in a closet” is actually longer than the current beginning.  Erghhhh.

This week’s goals:

1.  Re-vamp “Stuck in a closet” and finally insert it into my manuscript.

2.  Try to attend a “Getting published” seminar on Tuesday as long as it doesn’t snow again.

3.  Host a session for my writer’s group on how to build a successful blog. (Still shaking my head that they asked me.)

4.  Try to work out at least once (I think I might have to count Trick or Treating to get this done-That’s 1/2 mile of walking)

5.  Cut 1,000 words out of my manuscript

6.  Start a beta read that I have been sitting on (Sorry, J)

7.  Do one regular blog, and two ROW Check-ins.

7 responses to “ROW80 check in 10-30-2011

  1. Great progress, especially finishing that short! Keep up the good work.

  2. Well, 200 words is only the start. I have to make a couple of passes to get everything out–I am reluctant sometimes to uproot what Kristen Lamb calls the little darlings. And it is often a see-saw for me–200 out, 500 in, then 700 out, 100 in–dizzying, really!

    As for speaking to the writers’ group, your being mystified made me laugh. I hear you–but stop it! I find myself always second-guessing, but they think you have something to say, so go with it! I’m sure you do, too!

    Have a great week!

  3. Glad to see your beginning has been decided. Always good to have that out of the way! As for cutting things out, it isn’t easy but necessary. Hope you get more out of the word count by your next check-in!

  4. (Preface: thank for your comment on my blog & I’m glad you enjoy looking at my photos!)

    Congrats on your editing prowess. OH so respectable. I want to grow up and be like you! Looking forward to hearing more success toward you goals in the coming days.

    • Ha! I really wasn’t thinking that editing 200 words out of 150 pages was very good. Especially since I am trying to trim 119,000 to 100,000. Some scenes are getting longer and eating up all the words I’ve cut from other chapters.

  5. Good goals and good progress! Hang in there!

  6. You’ve got a busy week ahead of you. Keep up the good work!