Row80 Update 11-20-2011

I giggled when I looked at my list of goals for this week.  One of them I forgot about completely after going on a rampage of doing other things.  I need to check back on my goals every few days at a bare minimum so I keep pushing myself to do some of those things I’m cringing over.

1.  Two blog posts?  Yea!  I did three, and one of them really hit home for a lot of people.  Glad everyone is out there MAKING THE BIG DECISION.  Thanks for all the feedback here and on Twitter, guys!

2.  Re-write the dream sequences to richen the character of Darkness.  OMG!  I like him so much better than I used to.  I think I actually managed to create a “Love to hate” character.  I think I also opened up a can of worms with him.  Such a fun character.  I was going to explore him more in book two.  I’m so glad I decidied to personify him earlier.  Great fun!

3.  Start the beta read I’ve been sitting on for two weeks.  DONE!  Yea!  I haven’t heard back from him yet.  Hope he doesn’t hate me 😦

Re-write the scene where Matt gets his memory back…  Ummmm…  Forgot.  Probably half on-purpose.  This is big decision #2–right after Magellan’s age.  Yeah, I gotta do it.  I know, I know.

1.  Rewrite that stinking Matt scene.  Gosh, I just don’t know what to do with it.  Don’t you hate it when you have a pivitol scene that just isn’t working?

2.  Rewrite the Matt scene again

3.  and again

4.  and again.

5.  When I’m not pulling my hair out over Matt, I’d like to make a dent in Jennifer Hubbard’s THE SECRET YEAR.  Yes, very out of my genre, I know.

I’ve been hearing that you should spend time with novels outside your genre.  This way I am doing this, and supporting one of the authors I recently met that was nice enough to give me some tips to push me in the right direction.

Happy Rowing!

Jennifer Eaton

9 responses to “Row80 Update 11-20-2011

  1. Enough time to read I wish – I have been reading outside my prefereed genre because I have been trying to find out if I am writing in it!! does that make sense shrug who knows

    As a Brit who knows nothing about Thanksgiving! i have decided from all the posts this a fantasticaly great time for you all over the pond so have a nice one folks

  2. Ha! I didn’t even realize I wrote that.
    No… wait… I planned that. Yes, that’s it. I suddenly became witty!

  3. For years and years I ate books up like candy. 3-4 a week. Somewhere along the road, I stopped reading. (Probably when I started falling asleep before I could get through the 4th page. LOL) But your post reminds me of how important it is to a writer to READ. And not just the news or FB and Twitter feeds. But real live books. Maybe since I’m off for the next few days, I’ll give it a go…early in the morning before I’ve run out of steam.

  4. Great job and being accountable with Row80 goals. I also give you kudos for reading outside your genre. I haven’t done that in a while. Maybe I can this holiday season.

    • Thanks, Brinda!
      Give a try to something completely unlike you. You might enjoy it. (Secret year actually isn’t all that bad so far… could use a few Knights with horses or bombs exploding, but I don’t think that’s going to happen)

  5. Ah yes, Thanksgiving week. So hard NOT to go on a rampage of doing other things.

    Between writing Matt scenes, try a long, hot shower. Just be careful no ideas wash down the drain.

  6. Love the way you “forgot” about writing the scene where he gets his memory back! Priceless! Congrats on working through some tough decisions! Good luck on the Matt scene! (I have one of those, but his name is Ray!)