Row 80 12-4-2011 I’ve Been SOOOO Behind!

First of all, I need to start this off with a GREAT BIG  I’m sorry.

I have been so stinking behind this week I can’t stand it!  I feel really bad, because this is an interactive blog, and I’m supposed to COMMENT, but this week, it was just not meant to be.

It started out with a big surprise getting the Versatile Blogger Award (Thanks Again!)  Then, of course being anal as I am, I stressed over it, mulling through all the blogs I like and making sure I picked out the good ones that were also visually appealing and friendly.  Wow… I probably over thought that.

Honestly, I have not even had a chance to tell everyone who I nominated, although it looks like a few of you found out already. Congrats, guys!

Then, my computer goes and dies and holds a month’s worth of work for hostage.  See my post on freezing my computer.  It actually worked, and it is working absolutely fine now… too funny.

On the writing front, I wanted to finish the final read of my novel this week, and I came pretty close, but losing my computer for a day really put me behind, as well as a minor medical problem that lost another day.  The Holiday selling season has taken up a lot of my time at night, too.  So my next few weeks may be a bit of a struggle as well.

The good this is that I was able to hold to my blog schedule (only one day behind on “Gold Mine” due to my frozen computer)

I was able to read 85 percent of my novel prepping it for the final beta read round.

I also made a decision on the Matt’s hair chapters.  Guess what?  They stay.  Sorry.  What I figured out is that totaling it all up, this chapter and the references were only 2,000 words (not 4,000 like I originally thought)  The big problem is, if I take them out, I will need to insert something else, because there are three dream sequences that are broken up by those scenes.  So… Why cut 2,000 words that work to add another 2,000 words to make the story flow well?  I know someone will say that this scene does not drive the plot of this novel, but it does drive the plot of the series.

Deep down, I know that some editor is probably going to flag this theme, but for now, Matt is going to cut his cog-biting hair!

I guess the same as last week, minus the cuts.  With all that is going on right now I just want to finish reading, and hopefully give that blessed “The End” marker on my final draft so I can get it out to some beta-readers.  (One has a head start and is around half-way through)

On December 8th you’ll be seeing my entry post for Brenda Drake’s Can we guess your character’s age contest.  I never met a contest I didn’t like!

Oh Yeah!  I also need to let the rest of the people who haven’t found out yet that I nominated them for Versatile Blogger!

Ugh!  I hate being behind!

Jennifer Eaton

13 responses to “Row 80 12-4-2011 I’ve Been SOOOO Behind!

  1. During the holidays it’s extremely hard to find the time to blog, help. I don’t know anything about your character, Matt and his hair, but I do know if this character feels important for your story, no matter how small his role, keep him. Trust your good instincts. They haven’t led you wrong, yet.

  2. Ha! You decided not to cut the hair cutting. You are the creator, and sometimes, when I’m reading I enjoy a scene for the sake of the scene — not because it drove the story forward.

  3. Has the vision of your laptop resting on a frozen slab of chicken reached the “funny in hind-sight” stage yet? No? Okay. Poor, Jennifer. AWESOME recovery. I would have asked the person who offered that advice what they’d been smoking. And, I wouldn’t have my books retrieved from my hard drive.

    You already know I think your Versatile Blogger award was well deserved. I love hopping over here to see what you’re up to and to catch the wisdom on the Red Line to Goldmine posts.

    You survived to write and win another day! Whoop! I’m watching Food Network. I think I’ve absorbed too much of their contest lingo.

  4. ‘Tis the season for falling behind I gues, just remember you’re not the only one. 🙂

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week full of highs and lows…but hey, you came through with flying colors! Yippeee!

    Congrats again on the blog award, and thanks again for nominating mine. You’re sweet and I appreciate it.

    I’m entering Brenda’s contest, too. See you there! 🙂

    I love you kept Matt’s hair cutting scene! It will be a great point to argue for when you find a publisher so stick to your guns now.

    I’m still marveling over freezing your computer. Who would have thunk, huh? I had a scare today. I couldn’t save my revision to my flash drive. I was freaking out. Then I realized I had locked the button on the side. Duh. Sometimes, I’m a moron.

    Keep writing and I’ll see you around the internet! 😉

  6. Congrats on the blog award – that rocks!!!
    And it sounds like you had a bit of a rough week with some highs and lows. The computer thing would have thrown me for a huge loop so give yourself a bit of a break. You are doing the best you can and that’s MORE than good enough…seriously – you rock so relax!!! :)))
    And I was super pumped to surprisingly find myself among your award list. It seriously made my day and coming across it like that, as a total surprise, was kind of AWESOME! 🙂
    Have a GREAT week Jennifer!!!

  7. Sounds like you’re doing your best though – congrats on the versatile blogger award!

  8. Weeks like this, annoying as they are, are inevitable. I know I’ve had a gazillion of them before, but at least sometimes playing catch-up on it is fun, especially the part that you will actually catch up!

    Congrats on the Versitle Blogger award, too! Whoo-hoo! And you seem so close to that “THE END,” even I can feel it. Best of luck with that, and, hey, if the section of the story works best with more words rather than less, go for it. I’m all about flow.

    Happy writing! See you Wednesday!