Merry Day after Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

It is the day after Christmas. Time to go crazy returning things for some. For me, it was the day to visit with my family.

Boxing day is always, “Christmas, Take Two” for us, as we spend Christmas with my husband’s family, and Boxing Day with my family. (Although we don’t officially celebrate Boxing Day in the USA)

So, through the flurry of presents, and hugs and frivolity, there were no words of wisdom to be had, other than Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Man, or Woman , or dog (There were four 45 lb+ poodles and an 80 lb golden doodle in the house today. Great fun!)

Summer, Kasha, Chloe (The Silver - Mine), Mitsy (Chloe's Mom Laying), and Kairos (Chloe's Brother)

Regular Monday posts come back next week. (Well, maybe. It’s New Years… We’ll have to see) Now, I’m going to bed to recover.

Hope you had a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy Boxing Day!

6 responses to “Merry Day after Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

  1. Happy New Year! Love your analytical posts, Robin

  2. happy holidays and new year to you! that group shot of the doggies cracked me up 🙂

  3. Beautiful dogs! I always thought Boxing Day was the day after Christmas when you got rid of all the empty boxes that were left over from the gifts under the tree.

    • Ha! Traditionally, it’s the day after when servants can exchange gifts and celebrate the holiday after taking care of the “family” all day. It is also the day when they get presents. At least that’s my understanding, not being in a “Boxing Day” country.

  4. I love your dogs!!! Happy Resting Day to you.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. You need to tell me what Boxing Day is.