Canine Good Citizen

This is my “Hundred and One-th” post.  I find that incredibly amusing.  When I started this blog 7 months ago, I had no idea what I was going to write about.  Now you can’t shut me up.  Who Knew?

Anyway… on with today’s rant.

Canine Good Citizen

In a few different “I accept this award” Q and A sessions over the past month or so, I mentioned I had a Poodle, and that she was training for the AKC CGC test.  A few of you have asked how my little mischievous puppy was doing.  Well…

Today, after six weeks of training and practice sessions, Chloe passed her Canine Good Citizen test (Just barely… she refused to lay down for some reason, but the trainer finally got her to do it–It still counts, though!)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this huge honor… The Canine Good Citizen is an award given to a dog by the American Kennel Club.  Now, not just any dog can get this.  You actually have to be tested for it by a representative from the AKC.  You have to meet their very stringent criteria.  It is the behavioral training “Bar Exam” for the canine community.

For weeks, we’ve been learning to walk correctly, how to meet a stranger properly, how to react to metal pans being flung against the floor, how to stay and come when called, and how to react with people and other animals, and how to act while left in a room without your owner for an extended period… tons of things.  Ten tests in all.  It’s an awful lot for a puppy that is not even a year old yet.  She even reacted well when the “test” dog snarled at her.  Yay!

We are very proud of our little girl.

Why do this?  Well, for one thing, I… um, Chloe is very competitive, and her litter mate, Kairos just won a ribbon for “Best Gun Dog” in a show, so we had to beat him at something.  (Yay, Chloe!)

Waypoint's Kairos: Pretty Boy with a ribbon

Waypoint's Chloe: Pretty Girl & Canine Good Citizen, in her ribbons

After the test, we celebrated with a romp around Pet Smart shopping for a new toy.  We walked in, I unhooked her from her leash, and she had a great time shopping.  She stayed right by my side.  Sans leash.  And everyone stopped to congratulate her when they heard the news.

Good Girl, Chloe.  Good Girl.


12 responses to “Canine Good Citizen

  1. Congradulations for Chloe! I know how hard it is to train some dogs, we have a large pack of sight hounds that love to disobey.

  2. Aww, good job, Chloe! Big kiss on the cold wet nose. Such a good girl. what a great award. I bet Eric is thrilled.

  3. Congrats to Chloe and to you. It is an honor.

  4. Woot! for Chloe and Mama Jennifer.

    TOTALLY impressed (translation jealous) with the unleashed stroll through Pet Smart. Takes a ton of discipline on the pet owners side to achieve that level of training. YOU GO, girls!

  5. Can you train my dog, too? LOL. I’m a terrible trainer–can’t seem to get the knack of it. My German Shepherd was 2 years old when we got him from a shelter. Fortunately, he already knows sit, stay, lay down, come, go. However, when he is excited, all of that goes out the window. And if there is another dog around, FORGET IT. He barks, gets all excited, charges to the door, or nearly pulls my arm out of its socket when he’s on the leash. That is just the worst. I cannot seem to get him to not get all bleeaargh over another dog. (Now, if the dog is across the street, but isn’t barking, he becomes more alert, but he doesn’t necessarily charge or anything. If the dog is on the same side of the street he is on, but doesn’t bark, he pulls desperately to go say hi to the dog, but doesn’t bark. Usually, anyway.) It is reeeaaaallly annoying and I don’t know how to “fix” it behaviorally.

    • You may want to see a professional trainer. Honestly, Chloe was BRED for trainability. She had a pedigree and award list longer than my arm in her lineage, and she was partially trained by her breeder (My sister, in that picture with Kairos). Shepherds may take a little more work.

  6. Awesome work, Chloe and Mommy. well done.

  7. Yeahhhh Chloe and Mom! That is awesome. There is something so rewarding about working with and training your dog to be the best that they can be. ENJOY and looking forward to hear more adventures in training!!!

  8. Wow! Good job, Chloe.. 😀 Way to go, Mom… you must be very proud.