Origins Blogfest: What made you become a writer?

I need to interrupt my normal Monday “Gold Mine Manuscript Rejection” Post because today I am part of the “Origins” Blogfest.  Tune in Wednesday for my  article showing what our favorite publisher red-lined about our beloved manuscript’s Action Scenes.

The Origins Blog Fest

This blogfest is all about your origins as a writer.  It can be when you started as a Journalist, what made you want to be a Writer, or even as easy as what made you start Blogging.  So, what was it?  What made that little sparkle happen?  What lit your fire?  What made you say:  “Holy Cow!  I’m a writer.”

If you want to see the Linky list to more great Origin stories, and maybe even hop on board if you are so inclined, your can zing over there by clicking HERE.

I sprouted early.  I always had an over-active imagination.  I created whole worlds to play in.  Nothing was impossible.  In high school, I mashed this together with my love of the English Language, and started typing on my Dad’s computer one night.  (I was so excited to have one.  My Dad had it for work.  NO ONE had computers in their homes, yet)

Out popped chapter one.   I bought it into school and gave it to my friends to read.  (I was a lot less shy back then)  All of the sudden, I had a chapter-a-night deadline.


Wow… what a driver.  When that novel was finished, it took three whole computer disks to store it. (They only held a whopping 1MB of info back then)

It was a huge learning experience for me.  Why did I do it?  Simple… The looks on their faces when they read it.  The big smiles.  The appreciation for something I HAD CREATED.  I was hooked.  Undeniably hooked.  I think that was the last time I was on planet Earth.  After that… my eyes were on the stars, and a SciFi Fantasy author was born.

It was always the creation part that was fun for me, though. 

Once I was done with a novel, I would just print it out, stick it in the closet, and move on to the next. (I have three completed novels, a novella, and a few that never actually made it to the finish line)  I stopped writing when I got married, and had to start worrying about bills and things… I had to focus on the real world and keep my head out of the clouds.  It couldn’t stop my over-active imagination, though.

Only recently, when I started an elaborate fantasy to keep myself awake while I was driving 1 hour back and forth to work, did I decide to focus my energy into polishing something for publication.

My husband begged me to go back to my second novel… as he puts it: “The best dern novel he’s ever read.”  I thought about it, but I decided to move forward instead.  Thus my current baby was born.

My husband’s favorite will probably scoot its way out of the closet soon.  It needs to be re-typed, though–  Those old word processing programs can only be opened in Wordpad, and the formatting is all off, and extra characters appear everywhere… what a mess.

But now, I am just happy to be writing once more after a fifteen-year hiatus.
It’s nice to have my head back in the clouds again.  I missed it.


22 responses to “Origins Blogfest: What made you become a writer?

  1. HI Jennifer
    A bit tough to get to 212 people in one day, so I’m sorry for the late Origins blogfest visit . Amazing how many novels you’ve already written! With that drive and passion you’ll be published in no time.

    your newest follower,

  2. Wow, I had no idea you had so many finished novels. You go girl! I have a few unfinished WIPs, most of which I’ll never revisit. I’m glad you have such a great supporter. I think it helps when trying to finish a project to know you other half is right there with you, holding your hand every inch of the way.

    I think it’s great you gave your stories to your friends in school. I’ve heard a lot of famous authors did the same thing. Maybe you’re following along in their footsteps. 😉

    • Well, I wouldn’t quite say he holds my hand. He mainly closes the door to give me time. He actually hasn’t read my current novel. He refuses to read it until it is done, because he wants to read the final product, not the work in progress.

  3. how wonderful to have a supportive, interested spouse!
    how could you NOT write =)

  4. Jennifer, you are my fourth stop on this interesting journey to the origins of my writer friends. Loved the memories you shared, the novels collecting dust in the closet, your wise husband for encouraging you to write again, and story telling. We often begin as verbal story tellers and when we muster the courage to meet that dream head on … that is a moment of magic none of us can trade 🙂

  5. *The appreciation for something I HAD CREATED.* Love that.

    It really does feel this way, writing and sharing stories, always keeping our audience in mind, wanting to thrill or shake up or make them laugh (well yes, that pesky little wanting to please always tagging along too).

    To CREATE. To say, ‘Look at what I did. Isn’t it neat!’

    Wonderfully honest and fun origin you’ve shared Jenni Fer! *grin*
    Loved it!

  6. I’m realizing through this blogfest that A LOT of writers go through a dormant period. I was the same. Maybe its actually part of the writing-maturation process?

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

    • For me it was just “moving on” I thoughtr writing was childish, to be honest. I never took it seriously. It was a hobby. When I wasn’t doing it, though, I felt like something was missing.

  7. I’ve always loved writing, even though most stories have always stayed in my head. But “real life” always pushed doing it seriously to “someday, maybe.”

    Then in early 2009, a group of characters came to me and wouldn’t give me peace until I wrote down their story. And while I was writing it, another group got on me, too. And so here I am!

  8. I’ve loved to write ever since 4th grade, when we really get into the process in FL for FCAT Writes. I don’t think I knew I wanted to be a writer until I took Journalism in 9th grade & joined the newspaper staff. I did major in Journalism my first year of college before changing it to teaching, figuring I could write in my ‘spare’ time (HA! soooooooo naive). I finally picked up writing again in the summer of 2009 when my hubby started snoring & I couldn’t get to sleep (maybe there was a purpose behind it:) ~Thanks for sharing your story!!

    • Ha HA! Let’s hear it for the snoring hubby!
      I was a Journalism major in college. Tripe Major… Journalism, Mass Media, and English. Worked as a News anchor at the Radio station. Ahhhhh…. those were the days.

  9. I love that your husband is such a huge support and tells you how much he appreciates your novel. You’ll have to dedicate it to him when you’re finished 🙂

  10. What an incredible story! It really is never too late to embrace your calling!!! Love it and am super excited for the success that I know is to come for you….and love that your hubby is ultra supportive….CHEERS to that!!!

  11. You should tackle that old novel again – it sometimes works out!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  12. Great story.
    One of my best ideas was for my second novel too, though my writing was still too fresh. I need to rewrite it fully lol
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Welcome back to the clouds! It’s nice up here, isn’t it? I loved your story, and I hope your husband’s favorite makes its way out of the closet soon!

  14. I remember a girl at school who was my (our) Jennifer M Eaton back-in-the-day. She brought installments of a book about The Beatles — each one falling madly in love with a normal HS girl. I wonder if she’s gone on to write fantasy novels.

    Wonderful post. I’m so glad your hubby nagged you into pulling that “best dern novel he’s ever read” from the closet.

    Whoop! Gotta bolt and write MY origins post for today. Waving “bye!”

  15. I had a smile on my face while reading this. How great that you were motivated to keep your friends at school engaged with a novel. I’ve read that Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl fed their first book (Beautiful Creatures) to their teen kids one chapter at a time.

  16. Wow – there must be something in the blogging ether today! I have been pondering this question on my own blog, having no idea anyone else was thinking about it. 🙂