Lucky Seven Meme

Okay, here is a new one.  It’s really an Authors game, and this is kind of fun.  I was tagged by my buddy, amazing soon-to-be published author Jenny Keller Ford.

Here’s the rules of engagement:

1.  Go to page 77 of your current manuscript or WIP

2.  Go to line 7.  Copy down the next seven  sentences as they are written.  No Cheating!

3.  Tag 7 authors and pass on the Lucky Seven Meme

Well, My current Whirlwind WIP is a 35 page novelette, so I will defer to my first love, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.  Here is an excerpt, fitting the parameters above.  You are about to enter the demented mind of my villain, as he decides to murder my beloved Main Character:

It was an odd sensation, being warmed by the sudden dark of a freak storm, but he welcomed it.  His father always said that the weather reacted to Castillia’s mood.  The sudden exhilaration must be her touch.  She was calling him, and he answered.  The darkness was not to be feared; it made him stronger.  It gave him the final strength to do what he knew must be done for the greater good.

Outside the window, Magellan and Meagan took shelter from the storm under a tree, huddling closely beneath its branches.  Stephen grimaced in disgust as Meagan rested her head on the snit’s shoulder.  The anger inside him boiled. 

First of all, be sure to hop on over to read  Jenny Keller Ford‘s brilliant excerpt from “In the Shadow of the Dragon King”.

I am officially tagging a few people just to see what their WIP’s look like.

Gloria Richards No!  You cannot let Brinda do it for you!

Brinda Berry (Okay, so– you just released your second novel.  I know you must have book three drafted.  Give us a sliver!)


Cara Olsen


Sherry Isaac

Dianne Wilson


9 responses to “Lucky Seven Meme

  1. Hi Jennifer. I took the challenge and tagged you :).

  2. I loved reading your excerpt. It’s amazing that a random piece selected by a coincidental number can be so complete. 🙂

  3. Nice excerpt, Jennifer. And, I accept your challenge.

    Just checking the rules. 7 sentences? Because your excerpt has 9.

  4. Oh, this is even better than I remember. I’ve got to read!! So dark. So deliciously dark.

  5. Love it! I just went to my 77th page and to my seventh line and realized.. I cannot post those seven sentences on line! LOL.

    Good job.. this sounds like a great read.

  6. Your excerpt is going to be a hard act to follow.

    You entrusted me with another tag when I still owe you a ping-back on the 7 by 7?

    Shrt cmmnt. Nd t gt bsy wth psts. [I’m saving my vowels for the ping-back posts.]

  7. Pretty awesome teaser… loved the villain’s thoughts. So dark… Excellent.