What are you writing?

I just hit another milestone.  15,000 hits.

When I started blogging nine months ago, and no one seemed to be out there, I never dreamed that blogging would ever turn into a hobby, or that there would be so many people reading me.  The Versatile Blogger, Creative Blogger, Leibster award, 7 x 7 Link Award, ABC Award, and One Lovely Blog awards were pretty cool, too. – Thanks to all 🙂

Nathan Bransford recently did a blog post that said (paraphrasing) don’t try to create a network, try to make friends.  Funny, I feel like that’s what happened here.  I see all these little avatars on my screen, and I do feel like I know the regulars.  It’s kind of cool.

What is really cool, is that I am starting to make connections with people in the industry as well.  That is something I really never expected in a zillion years.  I have some ideas brewing, but in order to channel my enthusiasm for the good of all… I need a little input.

I’d like to know a little more about you guys as a group.  So, I am wondering, what do you write?  I’d love it if you’d click on the two polls below so I can get a gage of what the mix is out there.  As always, the comment section is open below for you to add additional fun-loving rants.

Don’t be shy guys… contribute.  You never know what’s going on in my devilish little mind.



44 responses to “What are you writing?

  1. I have about 28,000 words toward my first novel, a psychological crime thriller. I like to refer to it as a “crime triangle” (patent pending, haha). The main character is a female serial killer who kills for a very distinct reason. She and the young cop pursuing the truth behind the deaths see the same psychologist, who was also involved in my main character’s past (unbeknownst to her). I enjoy entangling their lives and revealing the “oh snap!” moments to the reader.

  2. Heather Tiger

    I am currently working on background and character sketches/development for my first novel. I had a poetry book published almost ten years ago, but have wanted to write novels forever! Real Life Fiction with some faith-based content, but I think I’ll tend towards a Jodi Picoult style..at least that is how it sounds in my head! I’m having to put it on backburner as I prepare for the arrival of my second son though.

    Congrats on the 15,000!

  3. You just reminded me I actually started writing a book last year and forgot all about it…

    • Ha! Well, get cracking on that baby!

      • I’d like to say its entirely because I lost interest, but it also coincided with when our overlords, harbingers of the abyss, blocked us from using the CD/DVD/USB functions on our computers. Can’t really email fiction from work to home and back (thereby alerting the overlords to my clandestine strategy for dealing with this place by mentally escaping between patients). Then again, I have an ipad now. Ha! Stop me from typing on THAT, evil dictators!

        • Ha! I had to do the same thing! All disk drives and memoryt sticks stopped working. THat’s when I bought my little pink computer. Love that little thing!

  4. Congrats Jennifer – woot woot! Here’s to the friendships only growing!

  5. I love how I have made “friends” because of my blog and i love it when I see them commenting and liking other blogs. I have said it before . . . blogging is a gigantic small community.

  6. Yay for friends! I basically put in what my current projects are, but I’m SO not limited to YA or SF…I have a contemporary story rolling around in my head along with a few twisty fantasies.

  7. Congrats! And I LOVE the statement about making friends as I have always felt more natural doing this, than the whole schmoozing for the sake of self-gain. It feels so fake otherwise. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us, it helps lighten the day. And love the quote up to the right!


  8. I write 20th century historical and some soft sci-fi. Lately I’ve been having serious doubts about still considering some of my books with young characters as YA, because there seems to be so little historical YA in the current climate, and I began seriously writing way before the YA trend, when it was still relatively common to write a book about young characters, or a person coming of age over a longer period, with a not necessarily mainly teen audience in mind.

  9. Bravo on your 15,000 hits!!!

  10. Congrats and well done on your milestone, onwards and upwards!

  11. Congrats on the milestone! I’m also writing YA at the moment –urban fantasy.

  12. I wasn’t sure if I could answer with multiple responses, so I chose sci-fi, which is one of my WIPs. I cling to the hope the second is “mainstream,” but I’ve a sneaking suspicion an agent would say “speculative fiction.”

  13. I’m writing a YA paranormal romance at the moment.
    Great blog Jennifer.

  14. I voted but thought I’d add my 2 cents here as well. I am writing a psychological thriller (horror) – my second – as well as my second collection of erotic short stories. 🙂

  15. Congratulations! I have just finished my first novel, a travel novel.