The Monomaniacle Middle Grade Reviewer Jumps into Percy Jackson

Sorry, he has been such a big hit I couldn’t resist giving him his own logo.

So, without further ado, I give you the Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer with his take on Lightening Thief

Take it away Dude!


14 responses to “The Monomaniacle Middle Grade Reviewer Jumps into Percy Jackson

  1. I also recommend Henry Neff’s Tapestry series.

    The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson is really, really good (three books in that series) and

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

  2. After reading Percy Jackson in 5th grade, my daughter asked me if she could write her first blog to review the book, lol. It’s still on my TBR list and hope to read it this summer!

  3. Jeremy Cook

    Don’t know if he’s read them yet, but I reccomend steering him away from the Pullman (golden compass) and suzanne collins hunger games series. Just finished the latter and am still recovering. I don’t know what it is, but the last couple middle school series I’ve read left me all depressed at the end. They could have been…I dinno…a little less realistic if that’s where they are going to end up. v.v;;

    • He wouldn’t read the Hunger Games. I know him. Totally not his thing. None of us liked the Golden Compass Movie, so I don’t think I need to worry about that one either. He’s pretty particular.

  4. This is the series of books that my daughter (the own that thinks reading is..ugh…work!) is reading right now and she is really enjoying them. 🙂

  5. I agree with him. All the Percy Jackson books are amazing, but the movie, while entertaining, strayed too far from the story. Sad. When he’s done with this series, have him read Riordan’s other series, The Kane Chronicles. This series deals with Egyptian mythology and it’s a blast, too. Great little reviewer you have there, missy. 🙂

    I found it informative he said he didn’t like a book that took him longer than a couple of days to read. I guess HP would be out, huh?

    Have him check out some Cornelia Funke if he hasn’t already. The Dragon Rider was fantastic, as was Inkheart.

    • He say’s he’s not interested in the Egypt ones. Probably because of the mummies. He does not do anything that even HINTS of scary. What’s Dragon RIder? He says it sounds familiar.

      • It’s about these talking animals, Firedrake, Ben and Sorrel that go on a search for a mythical place where dragons can live in peace forever. They go on this journey to find this land, meet this ruthless villain and discover a hidden destiny that changes their lives and everything they believed about each other. If names like Twigleg and Nettlebrand ring a bell, he’s probably read it.

        That’s interesting about the Kane Chronicles. I actually thought they were better than Percy Jackson and they are not scary at all, no more than Percy Jackson. I thought they were better and funnier.