The Art of Procrastination: Isn’t Writing Still Fun?

I did something for the first time the other day.  I procrastinated.

Now, I’m not talking about the laundry, or doing the dishes—I procrastinated about writing.

Editing to be more exact.

Believe it or not, I have NEVER procrastinated before when it had to do with writing.  Never Ever.  Writing was always my escape.  What better way to get away from the world than with characters that I love.

So here I am, vacuuming, and actually shaving the dog (which I had been procrastinating over for three months.)  Now, I’m not talking about a little procrastination.  This dog was on the grooming table for a full two hours straight.  (No, she does not look like the same dog anymore.)

And it was all because I didn’t want to edit.  So, why is that?

I think it is because I have a list of things from the publisher to make sure that are not in my novel.  I think it is because I need to dig in and perfect it.  But wasn’t it perfect already?

Well yes, and no.  There’s nothing like pasting your novel into a manuscript analyzer if you want to make yourself run and hide.

By now, yes, I have started editing.  I am fixing and sculpting, and despite my initial hesitation, LAST WINTER RED is actually getting better.

Hmmmm.  Maybe these publishers actually know what they are talking about 🙂


58 responses to “The Art of Procrastination: Isn’t Writing Still Fun?

  1. I had a vision of you sculpting your novel with the same shears you used on your dog.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you have never procrastinated about writing! As a learned procrastinator, I find that quite depressing! Currently my characters are sittin’ in a wagon…doing nothing!

  3. Gasp! No you didn’t! I didn’t even read past the title. I shocked, missy.. Shocked.


  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve nominated you for the Creative Chaos Award which is to be awarded to the 5 most recent blog followers. It’s quite a pretty one. I don’t know if you accept awards or not. If you do not, I’m still very pleased to have shared your link with my readers. Best regards. Mary Ann

  5. You’ve never before procrastinated with your writing? Good woman!! I’m terrible for doing everything else but writing.

  6. I procrastinate ONLY with my writing..and only when I have to edit, research, organize, plan. The actual creating…WRITING…I adore and I wish that was all that I had to do. Btw, what is a manuscript analyzer?

  7. I know you’re busy, but I nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award. Thanks so much for all your helpful posts!

  8. firebreathingdragon

    I am the queen of procrastination

  9. Procrastination – human nature … getting the job done anyway, eventually – priceless!

  10. Procrastination is my greatest Sin
    it fills me full of sorrow.
    I think I’ll give it up one day:
    Infact – I’ll start tomorrow!

  11. I am The Queen of procrastination….especially when it comes to editing lol. Why is it I can always find something much less important to do lol


  12. Editing doesn’t EVER seem to be done…and dogs must be groomed. If you feel like procrastinating again, head my way and I’ll let you brush Ginger.

  13. Why we procratinate is a quite a question. I’ll ponder it tomorrow. : )

  14. Dear Jennifer,

    I may have shared this with you before but I can’t remember. (I’ve got a good memory, but its short.) If I have, please forgive me.

    This is a really good song. give it a chance, listen to the lyrics and enjoy, just as I enjoyed your post on procrastination.



  15. Shelley Szajner

    Procrastination is an art form of mine and I have lots of nasty looking sculptures deposited all over my home lol