Mommy to the Rescue AKA “Please Don’t Eat my Frog!” (A True Story)

Yes, this is a true story.

So, we are hanging out by the pool, and my son says, “Mom, there is a snake in the pond.”

“Yeah, okay, are you coming swimming?”

“Yeah, but there’s a snake in the pond.”  He stays near the pond looking down.  “Hey Mom.  The snake’s playing with Lucky.” (Luck is a frog)  There is a short pause, before my son starts screaming.  “Mom!  Mom!  The snake is eating Lucky!”

I run to the pond to see nothing.

“Mom!  I swear!  He grabbed Lucky and dragged him under!”

I waited, and yes, in another minute the snake came up for air, Lucky firmly in his jaws.  Now, all three of my kids are leaning over the pond.  And who needs to figure it out?  MOMMY.

Under Lucky goes again.  “Go get Daddy,”  I say, hoping they’ll all go running.  Only lost one of them, though.  I climb over the fence, and wait.  Splish, the snake come up for air, and “Mommy The Great” swoops down and grabs this sucker by the back of the neck.

I stand up, and pull about four feet of snake out of the water, with the frog firmly locked in its jaws.  Now what the heck do I do?

I shook the snake a little, figuring it would be more afraid of me than hungry for our little frog.  No dice.  It gripped down further, cutting into poor Lucky’s skin.  I watched with horror as the snake arched, and more of Lucky disappeared inside.

My husband arrives and makes a sound akin to a gerbil screaming.  “What do you want me to do?” he asks.

Well, I knew he wasn’t about to take the snake from my hand, and all of my kids are looking at me, while I’m holding this four-foot snake in the process of ingesting a favorite pet.

“Get a knife, and a bag,” I said.

My husband made a face, and left.  I didn’t tell him I was going to hold the snake, and he was going to kill it.  He might have run for the hills.

So, I’m standing there, holding this dern snake, thinking:  It’s not really his fault.  This is just nature, really.  Lucky was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My youngest son is sobbing.

So … I did what any other good nature-loving mother would do.  I took a deep breath, and

I pried the stinking snake’s jaws open.

(Do you have any idea how long the fangs of a four-foot snake are?)

Lucky fell four feet to the decking with a splat of blood.  Great.  I just almost got bitten, and the frog is already dead.

My husband comes out with a giant Ziploc and a butcher’s knife.  Relief crossed his face when he saw what I’d done.  We slipped the “not too happy” snake in the bag, zipped it up leaving a little air hole, and the boys and daddy drove him a mile or two away to a bigger pond and let him go.

Like I said… It’s not the snake’s fault.  He was just hungry.  But I’d just rather he not eat one of my pets right in front of my kids, thank you.

I go back to the pond to pick up and bury Lucky, and he’s gone.  There’s a trail of blood leading to the pond.

The next day, I went out and saw a little frog on a lily pad, with two HUGE scars on his back.  I walked out slowly, and opened the fence.  By now, all the other frogs have jumped and swam away.  Not Lucky.

I crouched down, and put out my hand.

Do you know… that little frog swam right into it?

I picked him up, and bought him up to my face and he looked at me.  Didn’t jump, didn’t scurry, he just looked into my eyes.

My kids all came running out.  They wanted to hold him, too… but I said no.  Let’s leave him be.  He’s still hurt.

Frogs come and go when you have a pond.  Lucky stayed all season.  Every few days I would walk out, and put my hand in the water, and up he would swim, and I would hold him for a while.

You’re welcome, Lucky.  We love you too.


42 responses to “Mommy to the Rescue AKA “Please Don’t Eat my Frog!” (A True Story)

  1. You are too cool for words! I don’t think I could have made do something like that. I adore snakes (not so hot on frogs) but I don’t know if I could wrestle one!

  2. My big strong chiro buddy and I just went “awwwwww”.
    ps..shoulda kissed it. you never know…..

  3. OMG. I always knew I’d do whatever it took to save my child but THIS? I’m still shaking after reading your story. What a MOM! I would grabbed my child, run like the dickens and later have the nature talk. You’re awesome.

  4. I grew up in a land where most snakes can kill you very dead in about five minutes flat! Some even chase you for the privilege … My version would’ve ended with a talk to the kids about how nature works … loved the screaming gerbil though!

    • Ha! There are poisonous snakes near me. I’m not sure what kind this was. I know enough to avoid the fangs, though. Lucky lived, so I guess there was no poison, come to think of it.

  5. Aww, I wanna be a mommy just like you! 🙂

  6. Holy freaking crap!! This brings out all the emotions! Even better that you are clearly not a snake enthusiast. I bet you could lift a bus if you needed to, for the kids. Loved this!

  7. Good story, Jennifer! You were pretty brave. 🙂

  8. What an experience. Working at the Academy of Natural Sciences, I handled snakes(non-venomous) whenever I worked in outside-in. I love snakes and was happy that you didn’t send him to snake heaven. Because a snake’s fangs point toward the back of their mouth, their prey are hooked for good, so you did great job!! in saving the frog. It was probably a black rat snake and if you’ve found one in your pond, you may see others. Their are harmless unless you’re a frog or a mouse. Have a great day. Love your stories.

  9. Ok, you are truly a rock star!!! I’d love to say I’d do the same for my kids/pets . . . but I think I’d more or less have your hubby’s reaction. You get a gold star sticker today~bravo!

  10. Adding to the pile of awestruckedness! Go you!

  11. You are a hero! Wow!

  12. OMG Jen…this story almost made me cry! You were brave as hell (although I probably would have done something similar if all my husband could do was scream like a gerbil) and it’s so sweet that the frog kept swimming to you. I think he knew you saved him. I love nature. 🙂

  13. YOU REACHED IN AN PULLED A SNAKE OUT OF THE WATER? (Yes, I am shouting.) Here all this time I thought you were sane.

  14. You’re a brave woman. I’ve never seen a snake except in a zoo, thankfully. We don’t have them in Ireland thanks to St. Patrick 🙂

  15. Just shared this on FB. What a story! Glad you didn’t get bitten. 😮

  16. Now you need to develop a character which whom you can share this experience! (The snake could become 8-ft long….) Whew. I’d have been screaming with the kids!

  17. *shakes head* If this was Texas that would have been a water moccasin and you’d have all fled in terror.

  18. You mean a snake and a frog? Well, well, this just beats it. Certainly not moi. You’re cool, superwoman!

  19. Awesome true story! Mommy of the Year for you!!!

  20. Wow, that was the most touching story. Wow…. you’re an amazing writer!


  21. Ee gads! Aren’t you brave. The frog would have been lunch if he’d been in my pond, kids or no. Snakes just give me the willies. So glad you weren’t bit. Way to go, nature mom!

  22. I love this story – you are my new hero –

  23. Such a cool story. I can’t ever imagine grabbing a 4 foot snake. You are one brave mamma.

  24. I don’t do snakes. You’re one brave mama. I think poor Lucky would have died if his life were in my hands.

  25. Julie Catherine

    OMG, you tackled a four-foot snake and won! I’m filled with admiration – and you must be a god in your children’s eyes! “My husband arrives and makes a sound akin to a gerbil screaming.” – hahaha, that is just hilarious! Loved this! 🙂

  26. That’s some Crocodile Dundee stuff right there! What a great story!

  27. Beautiful, Jen. Loved it! 🙂

  28. LEGEND! Wow girl…I would not have had even close to that level of guts. LOL! You are something else…miracle worker!! 🙂 I hope your kids know how lucky they are. I’d have told them to chalk it up to nature. LOL!

  29. the frog whisperer.

  30. amazing. you tackled a 4 foot snake!!! I want you in my corner when things get ugly. well done, Mom.

  31. Super mom, You are going to have to start wearing a cape soon 🙂

  32. Awwwwwwww, that’s a lovely story honey 🙂


  33. Wow! You are Super Mommy! 🙂

  34. Grief Jen, you’re the stuff of legends!!!