Guest Post: Veruca Salt, or the person in need of a white jacket with very long sleeves by Kastil Eavenshade

If someone told me I’d have to pigeonhole myself and only write one genre, I’d truly believe that person is in need of a white jacket with very long sleeves. Why deny myself the pleasure of exploring a world I’ve created on my own or helping two characters find true love. I want it all.
I’m a little Veruca Salt like that.
For me, it’s not what I write but how I write it. Am I weaving a fantastic story that draws the reader in or am I making them think of wonderful it would be to watch paint dry than to read another sentence. It is my sworn duty as a writer, since I am the one who decided to wade into the muck, to entertain you with my eclectic tales.
The truth is writing is hard. Like the popular kid that picked Mary Sue over you for his prom date, you’ve got to get used to rejection. An acceptance can cause just as much anxiety. If you get lucky with a good publisher, it’s rounds of edits. They mercilessly slay your baby and do kamikaze runs on your grammar. Buck up, my friend, this is going to hurt and you’ve got to put on the big girl pants for it.
As I leave you with this small pearl of insanity, I want to share the blurb for my first YA novel in progress. Not a genre I’ve been digging into with gusto but the mood struck and it’s 90% completed. I already have a publisher interested. It’s gritty and not the bubble-gum high school side of YA.
Jeremy Riggs has spent most of his life in and out of the hospital. One month he’d be full of vigor and the next comatose. The doctors can’t explain it but Jeremy figured it out around his fifth birthday.
Jeremy’s soul is too weak to sustain a normal life. He’s become a vessel to young souls who are trapped on this earth with unfinished business. Only Jeremy can help them reach their final destination.
Waking up in the hospital, a year after being found at the county dump next to the remains of Melissa Fowler, Jeremy finds his newest spirit is nothing like the previous ones. Angry and more powerful than any spirits he’s encountered, Jeremy must fight for control of his mind and body. To make matters worse, the police want to know how he knew the exact location of Melissa’s Body.


Linkage to my blog: ((The Eclectic Zaftig Chick))

Published Works:

The Wolves of Argonne published by Evernight Publishing in their new line Naughty Fairytales.

Fate Whispers published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Spring 2011 online edition.

Unchained published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Summer 2011 edition.

The Mark of the Brotherhood, published by Pulp Empire in their Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology.

Soul Reaver, published in Evernight Publishing’s Midnight Seduction under the pen name of Kastil Eavenshade.

Dream Weaver, published in Evernight’s Publishing’s Midnight Seduction: Manlove Edition under the pen name of Kastil Eavenshade.

Boughs of Holly published in Still Moments Publishing’s Christmas Treats, Naughty Edition under the pen name Olivia Devereaux.

The Beauty Within to be published in Still Moments Publishing’s Spellbound Hearts Anthology under the pen name Olivia Devereaux.

Mended Hearts to be published by Still Moments Publishing under the pen name Olivia Devereaux.

Death Comes published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Winter 2012 online edition.


8 responses to “Guest Post: Veruca Salt, or the person in need of a white jacket with very long sleeves by Kastil Eavenshade

  1. I enjoyed this post and your BLURB. Sounds facinating.

  2. I’m almost completed with my hard edits on Ghosts in the Mirror and hope to submit it for publication consideration by next weekend.

  3. Great post. I write psychological thrillers and erotica. Have also been kicking the idea of YA around. Who says you have to stick with one genre. 🙂

  4. Great post! Most certainly a book I’d want to read.

  5. Love this post! And love the blurb. Soooo interesting! Woooo…. Love your advice too. Love! 😀


  6. Absorbing a new soul and having to help it is a nice twist. Also wasn’t Veruca Salt a band ?

  7. Great Post! Loved it. 🙂