Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Be careful what you wish for

This is the character study I did for my character “Jessica” in my new WIP, Fire in the Woods.  I wrote this just to get a “feel” for her before I got started with the story.

The story ended up going in another direction, but this was the basis/starting point of her character. (As well as the rest of the story)

Jess lay in the grass.  The stars of a billion galaxies sparkled in the night sky above.  When she was little, and her parents fought, she’d hide in the backyard, and the constellations would keep her company.  Since her parent’s divorce five years ago, not even the stars could console her.  Instead, they made her feel insignificant, small, and alone.

A shooting star’s tail lit up the night and disappeared from view.  She closed her eyes, and wished with all her might.  She wished for someone who could understand her, for someone to love her.

She wished for someone to appear, and change her life forever.

…Be careful what you wish for.


16 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Be careful what you wish for

  1. i really liked that jenn. it certainly has a poetic feel in it:)

  2. It’s amazing how just those few paragraphs can open up so many possibilities! Good luck with your WIP! 🙂

  3. What a great idea! Character studies like this are so revealing. 🙂 I love the idea that she’s waiting for something or someone to come along and change her life.

  4. So good, so good:-) I can’t wait to read your books, lady!

  5. Enticing. I want to know everything about her now, especially how old she might be. I have no idea why this is my first curiosity.

    • Funny — I didn’t touch on that here…probably because I really had a clear vision of her in my head, and this was really just starting notes for her. Jess is seventeen, and going in to her Senior Year of High School

  6. Thanks so much for the link up! Love your flash. I really do believe that we should be careful what you wish for. More often than not, we get it in buckets! (Although cash in buckets, I could handle. 🙂 )

  7. Jessica (can I call her Jessie?) seems interesting. Oooooo, this new book sounds exciting!

  8. Definitely wants to make me know more!