Jon Gibbs’s Ten things I wish I knew before I was published #6: Belay that Opinion, Captain.

Your writing is not as god or as bad as you think. If you think you are the best author out there, you probably aren’t. If you are sure you stink, you probably don’t. (At least maybe not as bad as you think)

You are probably somewhere in-between.  Even published authors are not the greatest writers ever.  They just came up with something that resonated with someone.

If you love what you do, move forward with it.  If you are good, someone will stand up and take notice.

Note:  The above are Jon Gibb’s main speaking points, with my rambling opinions attached.

Jon Gibbs is the author of one of my son’s favorite books:  FUR-FACE, which was nominated for a Crystal Kite Award.

Jon is an Englishman transplanted to New Jersey, USA, where he is an ‘author in residence’ at Lakehurst Elementary School.  Jon is the founding member of The New Jersey Author’s Network and

Jon blogs at



7 responses to “Jon Gibbs’s Ten things I wish I knew before I was published #6: Belay that Opinion, Captain.

  1. I love this one as well. I never think I’m the greatest but I often go through the “I stink” phase. Nice to know I’m not the only one…and that I probably don’t stink to begin with. 😉

  2. Typo or not, this is good stuff! (or god stuff if you’re so inclined ;)) Just the insight I needed right now.

  3. Thank you. I needed that today!

  4. Ugh. I just saw a typo in this and I can’t edit it from my phone. Sorry. That’s supposed to be “good” not “god” — but God rocks, too 🙂

    Lesson learned: don’t write tired

  5. I love this one. It’s so true, and it both builds up my ego and holds it in check at the same time. I think I need to print that up and stick it on a wall somewhere. Every writer should have a poster of this.