#FreeFriday Win a #Free Ebook “Trust and Betrayal” by Dani-Lyn Alexander


Yay!  It’s Freebee Fridays time!

First of all,

Congrats to last week’s winner: jmmcdowell

You’ve received a free copy of “18 Things” by Jamie Ayres.

If you’d like to find out more about Jamie, hop on over to http://jamieayres.com/


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Oh, I liked the last one.

I think I’m actually making friends!

Yes, Jamie Ayres certainly was lively.  This week we have the fantabulous Dani-Lyn Alexander here to visit.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Will I like her?


I don’t know. 

Why don’t you invite her in?

Alien SmileOkay, I’ll give it a go.  Hello.

Oh, another blonde, huh?

Come on in and have a seat.


When they said you were an alien I thought they were kidding.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Do you have a problem with aliens?


I don’t think so.

I never really though about it

PKO_Alien 3 0003387So, what do you want?


I’m hoping to have people read and enjoy my books!!

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well that’s a pretty haughty request.  People have busy lives, you know.  What makes you think your book is worth my time?

I love my characters. I loved telling their story and I think people will want to see what happens to them.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Seriously?  That’s the best you could come up with?

You gotta do better than that.

Umm, well… It’s exciting and suspenseful.

It has a sexy man, paranormal skills, and fire!

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Really?  A Sexy man?

Does he have a big blue…

Watch it!

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Why?

I was going to ask if he had a big mop of blue hair!

**Sigh** Sorry Dani-Lyn.

Continue, guys.

He doesn’t have blue hair, but he is sexy.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387How can he be sexy without blue hair?

This is one of those human books, isn’t it?

Well, we are on Earth.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Oh, so Dani-Lyn is another one of those smarty-pants blondes.  Someday I’ll have to bring a real man to this planet to show you Earthlings what sexy really is.  Okay, so we have a boring typical Romance hero.  Ho humm.  So why would I want to read this.  Does anything explode?

Nothing actually explodes, but there are two great fire scenes where two fireholders battle for control of the flames.


Alien Huh CloseFireholders?  Is that supposed to make sense?

What is this about, anyway?

Single mother Shay McKeon is intelligent as well as street-smart. But when she receives a phone call threatening her children, she rushes headlong into the hands of evil.

Saved from certain death by Guardian, Mason Constanza, Shay is taken to the Realm of Light, where she learns her husband never abandoned her as she’d thought, and that good and evil are nothing like she’d imagined. Learning to deal with her own existence as a Guardian, Shay’s attraction to Mason grows. She has her own demons to battle, and when her daughter is abducted, she’ll have to learn to trust Mason and his team. But Mason has his own ancient battles to fight…

Alien Huh CloseWhaaaat? Now I’m really confused.  Where’s the fire stuff? And does anyone else find it freaky how every time I ask this questions these authors turn into mindless automatons spitting out back cover blurbs?  What’s up with that? And look at that cover!  It’s another freaky half-headed guy!  This is a really strange planet to think half-headed guys are sexy.  Why, on Mars our men have nice big full heads.

Hey!  G-rated. 

You promised.

Alien Huh CloseWhat?  They have heads.  You have a problem with heads… I’ve read some of your stuff missy.  The guys in your novels all have heads.

Okay!  New topic. 

Sorry, Dani-Lyn.

No, that’s okay.  I’m glad you were here to field that one.  She’s a little… interesting.

You have no idea.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Are you talking about me?

Of course not! 

Please, continue.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387At the moment, I’m bored.  I don’t want to give away this book.  There are just too many books about half-headed men in the world.  These women are just creepy!  It’s wrong… Wrong I say!

Come on.  Give her a chance. 

She came all the way here.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay.  Last Chance to redeem yourself, creepy half-headed man lover.  Have you ever exploded something?  Think carefully Earthling.

Yes, sort of. In eleventh grade I exploded my chemistry experiment. I don’t remember what it was, but I mixed everything up, put it on the burner, and POW! Up it went, and then all this foam started pouring all over. I’m pretty sure that was not supposed to happen!

PKO_Alien 3 0003387I am not amused.

You stole that from the other author.  She said the same thing!

No I didn’t. 

Couldn’t the same thing happen to two people?


PKO_Alien 3 0003387No, I think not Earthling.

I shall not be giving away a copy of your headless book!



Pretty please?

PKO_Alien 1 0003414No means no!

In fact, since you’ve never blown up anything, I shall blow up this half-headed book of yours!

YES!  Death to the half-headed book!

Is that a ray gun?  Wait a minute. 

You’re serious?

Duck Dani-Lyn!


Alien PKO_0003428Ha Ha Ha!


She blew up my book. 

She actually blew up my book! 

Shhh.  Keep your head down. 

Is she gone yet?

Yes, I think so. 

Does she do that often?  

More often than I’d like.  The good news is that she doesn’t know that we can also give an ebook away.  Is that good for you?

Whew!  I forgot I also had an ebook. 

Won’t she get mad?


Probably, but I’ll deal with that. 

I think the book sounds great, and the cover looks awesome!


I never really even though about the half-headed man.

Believe me.  Most authors don’t. 

She never let’s that one go.

So, ebook it is!

Let’s get rocking!

If anyone would like to win

a free copy of

“Trust and Betrayal”

leave a comment below.

We will choose a winner on Monday.

Thanks for having me! 


If you’d like to find out more about Dani-Lyn, hop on over to her website http://www.danilynalexander.com/


The Little Blue Lady From Mars © Jennifer M. Eaton.


11 responses to “#FreeFriday Win a #Free Ebook “Trust and Betrayal” by Dani-Lyn Alexander

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  2. Whoa! That Blue Lady sure is a tough critic! lol

    I love these interviews, Jennifer! 🙂

  3. Thank you both for having me, I had a lot of fun! (Although I was a little scared of getting blown up with my book!) And thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment!

  4. You two never fail to amuse me:-) Sooo glad she didn’t blow up my book, hahaha! She likes me, she really really likes me *squeeee* And I like Dani-Lyn’s cover too . . . but don’t tell the blue lady I said that, lol

  5. I think I’m going to use this post as an example of how to do an author interview, in a blog of my own! … BRAVO!

  6. ROFL … half-headed man … you rock, Little Blue Lady! … and what is it with that cover?

  7. Thanks to the Little Blue Lady, I’ll never look at book covers the same way again. 😉 Thanks also for the free copy of Jamie’s book! It’s in the to be read queue, which just keeps getting longer….

  8. Ha ha! Loved this interview. It made me laugh, especially about the half-headed man. Alien girl brings all kinds of things to light I hadn’t thought about before. Dani’s book sounds great.