How sad is it not to have a home THREE MONTHS after Hurricane Sandy?

My sister sent me this heart wrenching slide show a few days ago.  Again, The devastation of this hurricane is out of our minds when we don’t live with it, but people who were hit by this storm are still suffering.  What makes this sideshow sad is ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE INSURANCE, but none of them can get the money to fix their homes.

It’s so unfair, really.  My heart goes out to all these people, and the countless others also faced with such loss.

When you look at these pictures you may think “Where’s all their stuff, in storage?”  The answer is “no”  The sad truth is… there is no more “stuff”  What’s missing in these now empty homes in gone.  These people, three months later, still have nothing.


17 responses to “How sad is it not to have a home THREE MONTHS after Hurricane Sandy?

  1. Still a lot of mess in New Orleans, too, and it;s been several years! Heart breaking.

  2. The insurance money goes to the mortgage company!!! WTF!

  3. Julie Catherine

    This is just heart-wrenching – and it’s good for everyone to be reminded that people still need assistance; they still need homes, and they still need to live. The end of a natural disaster is only the beginning for the people who are affected. My heart aches for them all.

  4. I cannot imagine how all these people are managing to get from one day to the next.
    Bureaucracy and mayhem..

  5. I can only imagine that the sheer number of people needing help all at once just makes things complicated. Everyone files a claim at once, everyone needs wood, etc. at once. What a nightmare.

  6. God Bless… I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!! I am from Morris County in New Jersey… inside the state and there is still destruction here that hasn’t been fixed! It’s a real shame and heartbreaking! Lots of love, Emily

  7. For a second there I “liked” this post. Then I thought, “What in hell am I doing?” and unliked it. So very heartbreaking.

  8. It must be so heart-breaking for everyone still struggling to get back home and beyond frustrating having to deal with those darn insurance/mortgage companies and the government promising funds that never arrive.

    My heart goes out to them. Is there some sort of relief fund being set up to help those who need it?

  9. So sad. We pay for insurance for this very reason and for that reason we should be taken care of as such. Praying for all to be well.

  10. We experienced hurricane Fran in Raleigh, NC. And we ended up selling our house and leaving the area before all the damage was repaired. But we didn’t have any of the flooding. That’s where the real damage lies. And when so many are affected, I can believe that it will take a long time to mend. It must be so frustrating and cause for despair.

  11. Hurricane Charley did the same thing to Florida in 2004. Years and years it took for things to return to some semblance of normalcy. Hurricane Andrew did the same in south FL in 1991. Sandy was the NE’s Katrina. So much more should have been done. So much more still needs to be done. It’s political, though, so the help will be slow-coming. So sad for those truly in need. The innocent always get caught up in the bureaucracy.

  12. Every time I go out I’m reminded of hurricane Sandy as all the big tree roots have not been dealt with and a number of sidewalks need work. I’m sure there is more damage around town but this is stuff I see in the few blocks around my house.

  13. I understand all too well. It took us years to recover from Charley. These devastations become so much more personal when it impacts people you care about.