When you are lucky enough to have choices. Stuff to thing about

When searching for a publisher, many authors target who they want, but settle for who will publish them.  Right?  This week, I found myself in the thrilling and cushy position of having a choice after being offered multiple contracts for Paper Wishes.

What’s Paper Wishes?  Ha!  I’m glad you asked!  Paper Wishes is the re-envisioning of Jack and Jill Volume One.

As most of you know, Still Moments Publishing was purchased by another publishing house on March 15, and Jack and Jill was not one of the titles automatically shifted under their fold.

This was not a huge surprise to me, as Jack and Jill was not traditional Romance.  The book really was a better fit for Christian Romance, so the minute I got my rights back, I began querying Christian Publishers.

Now – should this happen to anyone else, be prepared because the greater percentage of publishers out there (at least in Christian) DO NOT WANT previously published work.  This surprised me at first.  I had the nicest discussion with a really big house that liked my work, but had to decline because it had been published too recently.

But they were really a long shot anyway… and not so much on my radar.  I was mainly focused in on one publisher that I contacted the day Still Moments made the announcement.  I spoke with this publisher, explained my predicament, and we chatted about the publishing business in general for a while before I had even sent them my work.  We were very much on the same page, so I bit my nails as I sent them my submission, and to a few other houses as well.

Less than a week later, I had two contract offers, and a third arrived last night. I have the luxury of matching up what each publisher has to offer, and also weighing the changes each publisher wants. (Yes, there will be changes)

Requested Changes:

1.        Two of them want the cursing removed – and for anyone who has read my work, I really don’t curse.  But what I WILL have to remove is dernit, darn, gosh, Hell, heck … anything even remotely looking like an explicative.

2.       I will need to tone down the make-out scene to bring it more within the boundaries of Christian novels.

3.       One of the publishers wants me to change it from First Person to Third Person.

So I am weighing the required changes alongside royalties, distribution, foreign rights, cover design, print rights and overall package offered.

It’s wonderful place to be, and I hope to be making an announcement shortly.



12 responses to “When you are lucky enough to have choices. Stuff to thing about

  1. How fabulous to have 3 choices! Best of luck with whichever one you decide to choose. 🙂

  2. Wow, congratulations! Fantastic position to be in, and I hope one of those is absolutely perfect for you.

    I’m sorry, I’m literally laughing out loud about you having to remove “dernit” and “gosh.” And I can’t imagine changing from first-person to third, that would be an automatic “no” for me. This is such an interesting look at contracts, thank you!

  3. Wow…what an awesome predicament to be in! Good luck with choosing. 🙂

  4. The best kind of choices for an author to be making! I’m sure you’ll decide on the one that’s the best fit for your work.

  5. It’s scary when your publisher folds up shop, and I’m glad to know your novel still has wings!

  6. Congratulations. What a delicious position to be in! Too awesome.

  7. A wonderful position to be in for sure. Congratulations! Best of luck with your decision-making.

  8. I’m thrilled for you, Jen. I knew about two. I’m excited to learn about the 3rd. You are a super author and others love your work. That is such an ego-booster. Keep at it, girlfriend. the world is waiting for more.

  9. Congratulations! That’s great 🙂 Changing the whole thing from first person to third person sounds like quite a major undertaking!

  10. Congrats! What a great feeling. I hope to feel like that someday. Good luck on flipping the coin. I saw the stipulations on previously pubes works and was surprised myself. So glad you broke through that.