It’s my website’s second anniversary! Yay!

It’s my website’s second anniversary!


Wow.  Two years already.  Where has the time gone?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for anything crazy like you guys writing a story with me, because a bunch of you are still doing that! (If anyone wants to join up, we’ve always happy to see new writers. Click here to join.)

Anyway… For this anniversary I’m setting a challenge for MYSELF instead.  I feel really behind now, because I took nearly two months to write a query and synopsis for Fire in the Woods.

Did you hear that??? TWO MONTHS.  I still want to smack myself in the head.

**That’s crazy**

It’s two months of trying to control my creative juices, and keeping down the new story idea that crept into my head. (I admit I did take two days to outline the idea so it would stop screaming at me to be written.)

Today, I am sitting down for the first time in months and digging back in to the work in progress that I had put on hiatus.  Optimal Red is a Dystopian novel for the New Adult market.  It is a Prequel to “Last Winter Red”, my first-ever published story in the “Make Believe” Anthology from last year.

Yep. I’m excited too.

I’m starting today with 14,000 already written words, and giving myself a challenge to finish the first draft by mid to late September.  It’s going to be tight, because Paper Wishes releases in three weeks (and yes, I am doing a full blog tour to support my baby – Cover should be ready soon!)

I still have final sign-offs to do on The First Day of the New Tomorrow (Which will release in September)  and a blog tour for that baby as well.  Yep, Mommy’s going to be busy.

But nothing will keep me from writing this time.  It’s what we do, right?  Although I’m incredibly anal and have plotted out how many words I need to write, and on which days… I look forward to getting back into my world, and my writing routine.  I missed it.

Who else out there needs a little kick in the butt to finish????

Race ya to the finish line!

Ready.  Set.  Go!

Happy writing!



16 responses to “It’s my website’s second anniversary! Yay!

  1. Congratulations Jennifer! I can’t believe it’s only 2 years. Your site has been so organized and thorough since as long as I can remember (I started a year and a half ago with Anastasia) and never seemed like a “new” blog. wow! Keep going! 🙂

  2. I am still very unmotivated. I wrote several fast fiction pieces awhile ago and I loved it, but I haven’t touched the two books I started yet. I am doing everything I possibly can to NOT have to write. I honestly think that writing a lengthy, time-consuming GOOD novel is a very slow moving and dedicated process that makes me want to scream that I wish it were over. That’s a sign to me that if I’m still going to continue to write, I will focus on short stores or maybe even a collection of jaw-dropping flash fiction stories. 🙂 I am in awe of your total dedication and self discipline. xo

    • Awe thanks so much. You know, there is nothing wrong with shorts. Novellas are a big thing right now because people don’t have time to read entire novels. I write a short between revisions of larger works to give myself a break and I’ve gotten three of those published now. You should go for it!

  3. I’m looking forward to Year 3! And have fun with the WIP! 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Jennifer. Good you make a plan and STICK to it. You’re a busy, busy lady.

  5. Starting a new story is the most fun. Go for it, girl!

  6. Congrats! The blogosphere wouldn’t be the same without you! Just left a review for your story on Goodreads the other day 🙂 Jack and Jill is high up on my TBR list too . . . summer is usually great for catching up on good reads, but now that I’m switching to teaching middle school, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for that, so reading/writing has suffered.

  7. Congrats, Jennifer and all the best

  8. I’m huffing and puffing behind you, trying to keep up but you’re getting further and further ahead! Keep up the good work and one day, I hope to catch up! 🙂

  9. Best of luck with your word count goals. I could never be that strict with myself, although I should. My crazy life demands that I’m flexible. At least, that’s what I tell myself.