What is the most popular YA Genre ?

What do kids really want to read, and where do they get their books? This is a great poll done by Jenny Keller Ford. Check it out!

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When I started my YA 101 series a month ago, I put out a request for readers, between the ages of 13 and 20 to take part in a not so scientific poll to find out what they like to read and what is their favorite genre.  The results surprised even me.  Below are the questions I asked and below that are my results.

Out of the following categories, what is your favorite genre to read:

  • Adventure (i.e.:  Island of the Blue Dolphin; Harry Potter)
  • Contemporary (i.e.:  Sarah Dessen novels; The Fault in our Stars)
  • Dystopian (i.e.: Hunger Games; Divergent)
  • Fantasy / Sci Fi (i.e.:  Eragon / I am Number Four)
  • Paranormal Romance (i.e.: Twilight, Beautiful Chaos)
  • Steampunk (i.e.:  Cinder; Leviathan)
  • Urban Fantasy (i.e.:  Percy Jackson; City of Bones)

How do you find books to read?

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3 responses to “What is the most popular YA Genre ?

  1. An interesting read. I’m always interested in who is reading what although I don’t read YA. My granddaughter is 9-1/2 going on 30 so I like to be in the know.

  2. Thank you for reblogging this. I was surprised by so many parents influencing what kids read.