Did you participate in #WriteOnCon? Wow, what a rollercoaster

For the past week, I have been knee-deep in WRITEONCON.

Someone recommended it to me last year, but I passed.  This year, I am so glad I didn’t let it slip by.

WriteonCon http://writeoncon.com/ is an on-line writer’s conference.  You can post your query for critique, your first page, and your first five pages.

You get critiques on your entries for a week, polish them, and then for two days “ninja agents” comb through the queries.

For two days, WriteOnCon is jam-packed full of live events where you can pitch to agents, and ask agents and publishers questions.  Not to mention great seminars.

Did you miss it?  Don’t make the same mistake I did last year and pretend it never happened, and not even check it out.  You can see the live tapes of the agent session (where they tell you what’s hot, what’s not, and what they do and don’t want to see)  You can also view all of the sessions.

They are just as valuable after the fact as they were live, so I greatly suggest you check it out.

You won’t be disappointed.

And next year… join the chaos.

Oh, and a fine hello to the 52 new friends who joined my followers on day one.  Nice to see you!



6 responses to “Did you participate in #WriteOnCon? Wow, what a rollercoaster

  1. Cool idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. What an amazing idea. Too bad I’m not a YA convert. I have, however, passed on this information to others who might join next year. Great information. Thanks, Jennifer.

  3. Didn’t do it this year as I have nothing ready. I did do it the past 2 years and you’re right…tons of stuff to learn and do and I met some awesome peeps. See you next year.