Write a Story with Me #57 – “Action Stations with Susan Roebuck

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57 – Susan Roebuck “Action Stations”

Janosc had been standing at the back of the courtroom while proceedings were taking place, a smile flickering at times, his green eyes glittering and a buzz of annoyance issuing from him as Yoran’s loyalty wavered between the Establishment and the Fae. While Sian had been accusing her father, Janosc folded his arms, crossed his arms and winked at her to show his agreement. He wondered how Yoran would feel if he went back to the Establishment now—he’d only be two inches high. But Janosc’s silent amusement was interrupted as he felt a light touch on his arm.

“Sir,” Briss, his second in command, whispered. “We need you in the war room.”

Once at his operations station, Janosc saw the situation clearly and his heart fluttered in excitement. This is what the special forces had been training for.

“Operation Fae. Action stations,” he ordered.

Briss saluted and within less than a second, he had sent out the command for all forces to be on standby at the launch station.

Within two seconds, Janosc and Briss joined them. Everyone was in position. “They’re three miles from the first barrier which should hold them for a while,” Janosc told his waiting squadron. “We need to act fast.”

Before the words were out of his mouth, two explosions rocked their world. “But they’re too far off,” Briss cried, buckling on his armour, his stance barely wavering from the force of the bombs. “How could they reach us from there?”

“They’re using some kind of stealth missile,” Janosc said grimly, “which we didn’t pick up and they’ve penetrated the three barriers. Are you ready? Operation Fae Formation One, launch.”

Commanded by Briss, Formation One set off, flying low over the tree-tops to avoid radar detection.

Janosc’s Formation Two followed barely a second behind, speeding faster than light. As Formation Three was dispatched behind them, Janosc silently asked the Queen to bless them; they were up against a formidable enemy now—this wasn’t a rusty bucket like Yoran’s ship had been, this was new technology which Janosc had never seen before.


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