Review of This Wicked Magic by Michelle Hauf

I grabbed this little ditty because the cover spoke to me.

What did it say?  “Buy me!” – What did you think a cover would say?

Anyway, this is a Romance novel with a witch and demon theme, and mention of werewolves and vampires… so you get the whole paranormal gamut in this sucker.

You have a good witch who falls in love with a bad witch while she’s trying to help him expel demons.  But the bad witch really isn’t bad.  He just does bad sorcery.

Okay, yeah, that sounds stupid, but believe it or not it works.

This Wicked Magic is kind of like the Little Engine that Could.  It chugs along slowly as the setting and characters are set up… sometimes painfully slowly for an action junkie like me, but that’s okay.  It was refreshing for the romance to develop after the instant bump and grind of the last Romance novel I read.

The great part of this book is when the engine tops the head of the mountain, picks up speed, and throttles to the end.  Yeah – great fun.  Big explosive battles between witches with enough stuff flying through the air to even make ME happy – not easily done.

And as an added bonus – just when you think it is all over, and ready yourself for the happy ending …. “Oh no!  Betrayal” And here we go, back to the action.

Very well done.

In the first half of the novel, I was figuring this was a book I’d be setting aside and not reviewing – cause no one wants a bad review, right?  By the end, I’d completely forgotten how I’d gotten there.

What a great way to pull that train back into the station.

If you like romance, and can take a HEAVY paranormal side-plot that outweighs the romance at times, you will love this.  If you are into books that build to a huge climactic ending (like me) you will find a slow start, but you will be pleased when the witches start their conjuring.



6 responses to “Review of This Wicked Magic by Michelle Hauf

  1. Yes, but was the Little Blue Lady from Mars impressed?

  2. Not a genre I enjoy but your review is pumped enough to make me curious.

  3. Awesome review. Off to get it!!

  4. Julie Catherine

    The book sounds great, Jennifer – nice review 🙂