Ok, so, I’ve been a delinquent

I know I haven’t been posting much lately.  I put insane deadlines on myself that no human could possible keep up with… and then I go and meet those deadlines.  But it does keep me writing, which at least is good.

So, What have you been up to?

I finished the first draft of my WIP, and then set it aside to spruce up the novel I am querying.  Then I took that baby out for a few pitches at a writer’s conference.

Have you ever been to a writer’s conference?  This was my first, and I must say it was a great experience.  I only wish that they duplicated some of the sessions, because many that I wanted to go to were running at the same time as others so I had to miss out.

It’s also great to talk to people in the business and get their perspectives on the industry.

Anyway, I think I learned a few things, and of course, once I get some time to digest, I will spit it all back out here for your enjoyment.  Yuck, that was a really gross visual, but hey, it works.

Anyone else been to a good conference lately?



17 responses to “Ok, so, I’ve been a delinquent

  1. I haven’t yet done a conference, but I’ve been busy with pounding out an “outline” for the rebuild of one of my WIPs. Gasp. Yes. This pantser said outline. 😉 I won’t be participating formally in NaNoWriMo, but I want to use that energy next month to meet some personal writing goals on that WIP.

  2. If you got all that done, I wouldn’t call you delinquent! Just busy with another side of the work. Congrats on all you accomplished, and keep it up. Tally ho!

  3. You are right – it would be nice if some of the sessions were repeated – hard on presenters, but conferences are like all you can eat buffets: so much food – so little time!

  4. I get out of breath just reading about your whirlwind life, Jennifer. 😉

  5. Gwen Stephens

    I attended the Writer’s Institute in Madison, Wisconsin back in April. Also my first experience at a conference. Learned a lot!

  6. Must squish spooky spidey and feed to my fishie friends … Bwhahahaha

  7. Robert Gregory

    I myself…..err…mmm…have been the laziest writer in the country! lol… 😦 …I have however sold almost all my paintings stock and have painted several more in the past month. Aside from the blog posts here and there, my writing has (as it always does when I’m in painter mode) taken a backseat to the canvas. But just because I have the long story which may be a book (can’t say novel – don’t want to curse the muse with undue pressure! 🙂 ) is on the back burner does not mean writing has ceased. I have re-read and edited some, so that’s always a good thing. As one person said about engineering, that I’ve found somewhat applies to writing, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Anyway, when I get back into writer mode, I’m sure it will flow as freely and effervescently as always. I did take your advice about the long story that may be a book and changed the beginning to pure, eye-catching action. It starts like so:

    And clothes flew through the air as she shoved him down onto the huge bed. Nude and vulnerable, Abner suddenly noticed his wrists and ankles bound. Déjà vu. He’d been here before. Glancing at his bound wrists, a glimmering reflection passed over his face. He snapped back to the woman on top of him brandishing a huge knife. He had no idea from where the knife had come. He’d been gathered into the widow’s web. As the black haired, faerie-faced woman cocked the knife into the air, Abner began to pray silently. And, as the Lord above had done in the past one way or another, He answered. The phone gave a bursting ring, waking Abner from the terrifying mid-afternoon nightmare. He thanked Jesus that he had simply fallen asleep at his desk.


    I figured you really can’t go wrong with the first sentence implying that sex will soon follow! lol…After all, sex sells, right? Probably not a great start for a novel (There! I said it. 😉 ) But it’s what I’m going with so far. And, yes, my first sentence begins with “And” because, well, hell, I am a rebel at heart! Take care, Jennifer, and I hope your writing dreams continue to come true.

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  9. Glad you learned some stuff! I just presented the “18 Things You Should Know About Publishing” at the Lee County Reading Conference this past Saturday . . . my first time presenting at a conference. It was loads of fun!

  10. Good for you, Jennifer. I really like our Pacific Northwest Writers Conference.