Write a Story with Me #71: “Where’s the Baby” by Vanessa Jane Chapman

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#71 – Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Natalia leant back against the mighty trunk of the oak, grateful for its supportive strength. Her focus was on the skies; she scoured through the gaps in the web of branches high above her, desperate to catch a last glimpse of her daughters; perhaps if she could see which direction they headed…but it was futile. She slid down to the mossy ground, barely noticing the rough bark scraping her back as she passed over it. She clutched her son to her breast as his sobs subsided.

“I’m so sorry my precious little one,” she said. Her weak voice barely audible. “I’m so sorry for bringing you into this terrible world. I don’t know what will happen to us now, but I won’t let you down, I promise.”

Innocent eyes gazed back at hers. Natalia squeezed him closer. There must be an answer; somewhere there must be an answer. Could she call upon the true power of the fae now? To do that would mean trusting Morath, but how could she? And Yoran. Perhaps she should be patient and trust him to fix everything. Could he do that? The whirlwind of thoughts in her head picked up speed until she could no longer grasp a single thought, they seemed to meld together, they were a sea of white, and then black. Her head was full of blackness. And that was the last thing she remembered.

She awoke with moss and sharp twigs pressed painfully against her cheek. The baby. Where is the baby?

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4 responses to “Write a Story with Me #71: “Where’s the Baby” by Vanessa Jane Chapman

  1. You might have to wait awhile to find out what happens to the baby, Vanessa! 😉

    BTW, I loved your descriptions, especially ‘she scoured through the gaps in the web of branches’. Nicely done – and you’ve got us all worrying about that poor little baby! 🙂

  2. Thank you! Fingers crossed people make it all ok again in subsequent excerpts!

  3. This is delicious but I hate when a baby goes missing. Good one, Vanessa.