Simple Rules to Writing a Great Novel


For the past 32 weeks, we’ve been discussing Guthrie’s 32 Rules to Writing A Great Novel.ย  Here is a handy-dandy list of all the articles and links to them, all in one place.

This is a great time to review, especially if you are editing your manuscript.

Please let me know which one you found the most helpful, or if you think this guy is just off his rocker. ๐Ÿ™‚


And Happy Editing!

01- Writing is Subjective –

02- Oblique Dialog –

03-ย Whatsa Strong Verb? –

04- Easy on the Adjectives –

05- Two for One is not always a good thing –

06- The shorter the better –

07- Once is enough, Thank you very much. –

08- Show, Don’t Tell –

09- Just the facts, Ma’am – The important facts –

10- Don’t be cute –

11- Sound like a writer, without SOUNDING like a writer –

12- Who’s talking now? –

13- Yep. Your Write. Ya gotta change it. –

14- Stop “saying” things –

15- They’re not psychic –

16- Come late, leave early –

17- Don’t dump on me! –

18- Goals, anyone? –

19- Don’t sleep with him/her –

20- Go ahead, torture ’em! –

21-ย The stinkier the better –

22- The long and short of it –

23- Stop being all proper –

24- Stop feeling! And no thinking! –

25- Don’t repeat the tense –

26- Cut your weakest player –

27- Plant Vegetables, not information –

28- Keep it to yourself, Jerk! –

29-ย No happy shruggers –

30- Pronouns. Tricky little suckers –

31- Shoot him later –

32- Forget about it –


2 responses to “Simple Rules to Writing a Great Novel

  1. Sure! You just have to be a little more careful to read between the lines. And feeding the fishies always helps

  2. Which begs the question, can one be off one’s rocker and helpful at the same time?

    *heads off to feed fishie friends some pre-Christmas nibblies*